The whole creation and all its activities are nothing else than God. God is omnipotent, omniscient and your greatest friend. His grace will surely deliver you from all bondage, rid you of all calamities and extricate you from all difficulties.

We do not know God’s will. When we are in trouble or difficulty we course him. When we are happy we forget. God realization alone is the supreme end of our life. Therefore, we should perform all our duties for the sake of his pleasure.

We should believe that whatever God does in right. We do not see goodness behind a trouble, but soon we realize that it was all for our good. Then we thank God for his kindness.

Long ago there was a king. He had wise courtier. His was name Ram. Ram was very sincere and loyal to the king, other courtiers jealous of him.

The Once king was cutting an apple with his dagger. Unfortunately his right thumb was cut. The king was very sad. All the courtiers showed their sympathy to the king. But ram said to the king. ``What ever God does is good.’’ The king was very angry. The king ordered him to be put in prison.

One day, the king decided to go for hunting in the forest. Next morning the king with some of his soldiers went to the forest. The king left soldiers for behind and he went deep into the jungle. It was evening now. There was no shelter.

All of a sudden some dacoits arrived there. They caught the king and book him t a temple of goddess Kali. They wanted to sacrifice human beings to their goddess. The king was helpless. He cursed God.

Before sacrificing him the dacoits examined the whole body of the king. They found that the king had lost his right thumb. The king was unit for sacrifice. So, they set

The king reached his capital. He thought that the cutting of his right thumb had saved his life. Now the king knew the goodness hidden behind the cutting off of his right thumb. He ordered his soldiers to set Ram free. He embraced Ram with tears in his eyes and told him the whole story. The king apologized and made him a courier again.

The king realized his foolish ness in his understanding the Almighty God.



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