Why do people keep cats? Which three reasons do you think re most important ones?

People keep cats because for this:-

a) They like animals.

b) They want company.

c) Cats make good pets.

d) Cats catch mice and rats.

e) Cats don’t need a lot of room.

f) Cats do not make a lot of noise.

g) You don’t have to take cats for a walk every day.

h) You don’t have to spend a lot of time looking after cats.

The king's cat

The kingdom of Vijayanagar was badly troubled by rats. The king, Krishna Devaraya, brought some cats to get rid of the rats. The cats were distributed, and each person also received a cow to provide milk for the cats.

Tenali Ramakrishna, the king’s favorite courtier, also received a cat and a cow.

On the very first day, Tenali Ramalinga placed a bowl of boiling milk before the cat. The hungry cat immediately began to drink the milk. But the milk was so hot that burnt her mouth. The cat became so afraid the she refused to drink milk. Why, she wouldn’t even go near it. Tenali now used all the milk for is own children.

Several months later, the king ordered his officers to find out what effect the cats had on the rat problem. At the same time, the cats were also examined, all the cats were plump and healthy but Tenali Ramalinga’s cat was very thin. The king was very angry. He turned to Tenali Ramalinga. `Ramalinga!’ is this, the cat I gave you? Ou have been ill- treating her. She looks almost dead. Didn’t you feed her the cow’s milk?

Tenali Ramalinga said, ``Sir, I have tried my best but I have failed. The cat refuses to drink any milk. If the cat does not like milk, what can I do?’’ the king roared in anger, `` ``Ramalinga! Do not tell me another story of your stories. There is no cat that does not like milk.’’

``Your Majesty!’’ said Tenali Ramalinga in a humble tone, ``If you want, you can offer milk to the cat. If she drinks it, then you can blame me for ill –treating her.’’

Milk was placed before the cat. But as soon as saw the milk, the cat tried to run away. The king was surprised but Tenali Ramalinga had provided his point. Later, the king found burn marks on the cats. He said, ``Tenali Ramalinga~ you are very cruel! Why did you give boiling milk to this cat, How could you be so cruel?’’

``Sir! Tenali Ramalinga explained, ``I did not force her to drink the hot milk. I just placed the bowl before her. It was for her to judge whether the milk was hot or cold.’’

The king said, ``Tenali Ramalinga, you win. But tellme, why did you do it?

``Your Majesty! Cats can fill their bellies by eating rats nd another things. Cow’s milk should not be wasted on cats but given to the growing children of our state!’’

The ming saw the sense in what Tenali Ramalinga said. He ordered everybody to stop giving the cats cow’s milk.





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