*Simple food eating is better for the body; avoid sweet oil and Masala foods.

Once there was a king who had three daughters. He loved all of them dearly, but he loved the youngest, the most. When they grew into lovely young women, he got them married to noble princes and sent them to their new homes. Before they left, he asked each daughter how much she loved him.

The first daughter said, ``Father, I love you as much as I love all the sweets made of sugar in the world.’’ The king felt happy because he knew she loved sweets made of sugar very much.

The second daughter said, ``Dear father, you know I love sweets made of jaggery. But my love for you is more than my love for all the jaggery sweets in this world.’’

The third girl said, ``I love you as much as I love salt in my food, father.’’ This upset the king. What is salt when compared to sugar and jaggery, he thought to himself.

The three daughters went away.

Some months later, the king decided to visit them. First he visited his eldest daughter. She welcomed him and served him a lunch of the best sweet dishes of sugar. At first the king enjoyed the sweets. But when he gave him sweets for every meal, he got tired if them!

Soon he felt for his second daughter’s house. She too was thrilled to see him. She made for him all her favorite sweet dishes using jaggery.

The king did not want to have sweets, but he did not want to upset her. So he had a few. But when she brought him plates of sweets every our, the king quickly said goodbye.

He went to his youngest daughter’s house. She welcomed him with great joy and invited him to lunch. ``What is there or lunch?’’ asked the king, much alarmed. ``Not sweets, I hope?’’

``No, no!’’ cried the girl. ``I have a simple meal of rice, vegetables curd and pickles’’. The king ate with great enjoyment.

As he ate, his Daughter said, `` Father, we can live without sweets. But we can not live without having salt in our food. When she said that she loves him as much as she loved salt in her food, she meant that she loved him above anything else.




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