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Geetu, the chubby girl


She was so sweet and innocent that I couldn't resist myself from touching and kissing her chubby cheeks. Geetu was a six year old innocent girl who studied in my son's school. She used to live in the hostel. It was the annual day function of the school where I met Geetu. She was the dance partner of my six year old son, Nanu. Both of them were class-mates and good friends too. Nanu often used to talk about Geetu.

When I packed the lunch for Nanu, he asked me to put a sandwich extra for Geetu in the tiffin. When I asked why then he told me that she had asked me to bring one for her because she wanted to taste something from his mom's hands as she has never tasted food cooked by her own mother. She had also told Nanu that she has never seen her mother ever and her dad says that her mom has left her when she was two months old.

The whole conversation with Nanu left me speechless that how could this little girl be so unfortunate to loose her mother's shelter at such an early age?  I felt a kind of attraction for this innocent girl so decided to enquire more about her life. I had an appointment from the principal of the school and met him on the pre-decided time. He told me that actually her mother was diagnosed with AIDS and so the family and their relative didn't  accept her after diagnosis. She was tortured for this thing that she had to leave her home one day. Since then none knows, where she is now. When she left home she was quite ill.

Later on Geetu's father decided to keep Geetu in the boarding school to hide the facts about her mother. School principal also told me that when he met Geetu's father last time, he told him that he too has been diagnosed with advance stage lung cancer and will not be able to survive for more for than six months. He is trying to get Geetu adopted by some relatives but none is ready for that.

Tears began rolling down from principal's eyes while telling about it, he also told that he was trying to find some charity organization to adopt Geetu. I came back home and talked about it to my husband. He looked into my eyes and asked me "are you thinking of bringing her in our family". I said, yes but if allow.

Next day I was on my way to Nanu and Geetu's school to talk about the adoption of the chubby little girl but was not sure whether her father will be ready or not? 

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