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Nikita in the snow........

Her never ending quest of knowledge had carried her to the heights of Himalayas. She wanted to explore more, more and more....

Nikita was a student of music but never felt an attachment towards it. She was in third year of her degree in music when she decided to leave the degree and do something else. Everyone in her family was annoyed with her because it was her own decision to join the music studies and now she had abruptly left the degree right at the moment when it was about to be finished. Nikita was called upon by the principal of the college to rethink upon her decision as it was going to affect her career adversly. She even advised her that if at all she needed a break from routine, she can opt to drop a semester and come again next semester.

But Nikita was so head strong that she didn't think even twice before leaving the college. After music she was attracted to snow and wished to study glaciers and their behaviours. It was her own idea and now she didn't want to be trapped in the clutches of a formal degree course with examinations for satisfying her urge to study glaciers.

When Nikita told her parents that she wanted to go and see glaciers herself in order to know more about those and she just wanted to acquire practical knowledge, her parents were not happy with her decision and refused to allow her for such a risky venture.

One night Nikita packed her bag and went away silently from the back door leaving a letter in her bedroom for her parents that she is going on her mission and will only be back after completion.

Nikita withdrew some money that was there in her account and used it for getting an airticket, visa and hotel accomodation. Still she had enough amount of money left with her for a nice vacation. She was so excited to board the flight to her destination. Nikita had to change another flight for reaching the hilly state of India in Himalayas. She was so happy to see the snow and greenery all around. She felt as if she was meant to be here only forever and ever.

After arriving at the hotel she took rest for one day and then was ready to trek upto the glaciers. She contacted a local guide for that and was ready to begin trekking for her target by the next day. Nikita was in a group of ten people with everything ready to click and shoot. It was a programme for about a week in all. Ponies were walking along with the troupe with the necessary food items, tents and beddings which were light but warm.

All of the group members enjoyed their activites there. Nikita was busy making videos, clicking pictures and writing observations in her diary. Three day and nights passed very comfortably but the fouth one came with a big snow-strom that served the death warrants to eight trekkers including Nikita. Rest were fortunate enough to be rescued.

Nikita was coming back home wrapped in white cloth sleeping inside coffin with her practical experience that will always be a pain for her parents

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