The king of Bijapur was anxious to marry. Many kings came from different corners of the country to offer him their daughters. But he did not choose any of them.

He sat gloomily by the window and looked out on the marketplace. The shopping complex was busy and colorful and filled with vendors and fruit-sellers. The voice of the humble trades’ people filled the air. But king could recognize one clear and musical voice calling, `Mangoes! Who will buy my mangoes?’

The king found the owner of the voice –Savita. Daughter of poor fruit seller, Savita wore ragged clothes but was a bright –eyed and lovely girl. The king fell in love with her and married er. Everyone was surprised at his choice.

At first the king and the queen lived happily but after a few months there was change in her. Her natural simplicity left her and she became cold and proud. She began to treat the servants rudely.

One day bowls of fruit were placed before the king and the queen.

The king placed a juicy mango upon Savita’s plate `What it’s this thing? She asked coldly. `Am I supposed to eat this?’ the king was astonished. So it has come to this, has it?’ he cried in anger. `You have forgotten who you were before I made you queen. Return to the marketplace. Return to the marketplace. Perhaps, then, you will learn again what a mango is!’

Savita left palace and nothing was heard of her. The king still loved her. He thought of her simplicity and charm in the early days of their marriage. He sent messengers to find er but no one knew where she had gone.

One day the king was in the marketplace of another city when he heard the well-known cry, `Mangoes! Who will buy my mangoes?’ to his joy he found Savita, in her rags once again. But in the eyes of the king she was as lovely as ever.

Throwing a cloak across his face he asked her, `what have you got there, girl?’

`Mangoes’ fine mangoes, sir,’ she answered.

`Ha, Savita!’ cried the king throwing his cloak. `Now that you have remembered what a mango is, please come back with me!’

Savita fell at his feet and begged his forgiveness. The king held her tenderly and they returned to the palace and lived happily.



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