Arun was doing his final year engineering in a reputed college in Chennai. He was a good student and

always comes first in his college. Other than his academics he was interested in bike racing. He loves to

ride bikes.He told his father to get him a sports bike as a gift when he completes his degree. He used to

visit lot of showrooms for seeing the bike and was very confident that his father will get thim that.

He took a picture of the bike he saw in a showroom and gave that to his father. He also gave the

address of the showroom to his father.

Arun was studying in hostel. The last day of his college life came. After saying bye to his friends

he boarded the train to his native place ( Trichy ). On the way he imagined the scene of his favourite

sports bike standing at the entrance of his house.

Train reached trichy station. He took all this things and boarded an autorickshaw as he did not have the patience to wait for bus. He reached home and gave the fare to the

driver and came near the gate of his house. He was shocked to see that the house is locked and his favourite sports bike was not standing. Then he got the keys from the

neighbour. Then he consoled himself that his father would have gone to order that bike.

Arun went to his room happily singing a song and took a fresh bath. He was waiting for this father. His father came after 15 minutes. He hugged his son and gave a gentle

kiss on his cheeks and said " Iam very proud of you, my dear son. You have successfully finished your degree. Here is a small gift for you".He handed over a beautiful

wrapped gift box.  Arun thought that his father might have wrapped the key of the bike. He opened the box and shocked to see the book titled "You can Win" by Shiv

Khera. He was very much disppointed and got anger also. He shouted at his father " You have money only to buy this book for your beloved son?". Before hearing his

father's reply he went to his room, took the bag he brought from his hostel and left the house without seeing his father.

Arun stayed in his friend's house and applied for many companies. As he is an intelligent student, he got a good job in a reputed company on his first interview itself.

He joined the company and was growing everyday in his life. He bought a beautiful house, married a girl and was living happily. Years passed on. One day he was thinking

about his father that he might have become very old now. He wished to see his father and started making arrangements for that.

On the day when he was about to start, he received a telegram stating that "Father was dead. Start immediately". He went to his house after almost 15 years. He finished

all the final rituals for his father. His family lawyer gave the will of his father saying that all his possesions should belong to his beloved son. He entered his father's room

and suddenly sadness started filling his heart. While he was seeing all the papers of his father, he saw the book "You can Win" which his father gave him. The book was

having the same new look when it was given years back. He was slowly turning the pages and he found a white envelope on one page. He opened that and when he

saw what was inside, he could not control his tears and was crying loudly.

The envelope contained the bill for the sports bike ( The same showroom he told his father ) he asked his father with the date showing one week before the day he left his

house and a key.


Some Thoughts:

1)  How many times we have understood our parents or our beloved persons correctly and paid attention to their feeling?

2)  If arun would have opened the book on that day itself or paid attention to his father for some more time he would have understood the truth.

A hasty decision made in a second cost him his father's love and affection.

3) Some gifts may not be packed as expected but the gift may be precious. Same way we should understand that our parents may scold us for so many things but

it is always for our growth and no body can give the love and affection which they give us.

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