My son is back into my world...........

Always sticking to the desktop my five year old son, Nitish never wanted to listen anything that made him be away from the computer. His love for video games, rather I would say craze for computer games was increasing day by day. He was so busy there that he often tried to avoid food and even going to the toilet. I had slapped him many a times on his face but couldn't actually restrict him. He had no attraction for outdoor activities like other children and he was a real computer worm.


To be addicted to virtual world at such an early age was something that was really scaring me inside. Once I created a fault in the computer so that it didn't work properly. My trick worked and he was away from the computer for whole of the week. But after that he began missing it badly and was very depressed to see that he would never be able to play his favourite computer games. Finding no other option to make my child happy I had to grant him the access to computer. Now atleast he was eating and sleeping well.

He was so attracted with the characters of computer games that he wanted to become a character of his game in his future. I had tried to make him understand that these things were not real but he always slapped his forehead with his tiny hand and said, Mom, you don't know, these are real. Whenever I asked him not to do anything that caould harm him, he always used to name some character from his game that he would come and rescue him, so no worries.

Watching his activities and belief in virtual characters, I had decided to seek some psychiatric help for my crazy child.

On friday evening, I received a phone call from his school that Nitish has fallen down from the stairs and has injured one of his leg. I atonce rushed towards the school. When I reached there he was crying badly of pain calling his game characters for help and the school van was ready with his class teacher to take him to the hospital. I then took him and his class teacher in my car to the hospital. Doctor examined the wound and said that it will take some weeks to heal but there was no fracture. He was given a shot of tetanus, antibiotics and pain killers.

At home also whenever he felt pain he cried for help from his virtual characters rather than me which was actually hurting from inside.

At last finding no help from his virtual world, he felt better to sleep than to cry.

In the morning when Nitish got up, he kissed me on my cheek and said, MOM, GAME CHARACTER AUR CARTOON ASLI NAHIN HOTE (mom, game characters and cartoons are not ther in reality).

I was thankful to Almighty to bring my son back into my real world than the virtual one. His obsession was over now.

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