Nimla's struggle is still on.............

Nimla was very sad today, she had lost her hard earned money in the hands of her husband who used to drink daily and the beat her for no cause. Nimla used to work as a maid in four houses in the nearby housing colony and was able to make about four thousand rupees per month which was enough for her family's meagre daily needs but her husband, Kantey used to snatch rupees from her whenever he knew that she had got the payment.

Sheela was one of the ladies for whom, Nimla worked. She advised her to open a bank account and put some of the money in the bank for future and be careful not to tell her husband about it. Sheela took her to a nearby bank and opened an account there with five hundered rupees. Other routines went as usual for Nimla with no changes at all in her life but she was satisfied to see that she would have atleast some money at the times of need in her bank account.

Her drunken husband didn't knew about it, it was a big relief. Like this three years passed, she was happy to think of her amount in the bank she has never seen before. Her bank pass book was always with Sheela so she was herself particular about depositing half of the money from Nimla's due payment into Nimla's bank account.

Sheela told Nimla today that her husband had been transferred to Mumbai and now they would have to move from this place soon so she handed over her pass book to Nimla. Nimla took the pass book and kept it at a secret place in her small hut. She was sure, Kantey would never be able to see it.

When Nimla was to get the payment for her work next month, she searched for the pass book. She was shocked to find it nowhere. She was crying inside but couldn't ask her cruel husband about it. She told the whole tale to another lady, Mallika for who also she worked as house maid. Mallika took her to the bank for getting her a duplicate pass book allotted.

After enquring at the bank for so many hours, they came to know that all the money had been withdrawn from her account by someone with her perhaps fake and copied signatures.

Nimla was shocked, now she was not able to listen what the bank staff were saying to her. She had no will power to lodge complaints and fight for her money.

Nimla's struggle is still on..

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