I don't know why i have started writing this article but i just feel like pouring my thoughts here and that's exactly what i am doing now. Every day this question puzzles me. Who am i or rather who are We ?People say we live in a smart generation where everything is getting smarter everyday. Starting from the things we start using in morning till the time we sleep. Everything is smart. But i really failed to understand the kind of smartness we are getting into.

Yes, we are smart enough to have the world at our finger tips but we are so much far away from the person we are living next door to. Frankly speaking, the place i am living at from past one year, i really don't know who lives next door. But leave that apart for now. There is something else i am here to talk about.

What is AKS

The title of my article says:AKS which is an Urdu word and it means Image. So when we look in the mirror, who do we see actually ? Is it the real you or the other ego which is in front of all.

Today, when my Wife came back from office and she was discussing the same things with me that what kind of so called smart people we have turned ourselves into. She looked frustrated seeing all such things everyday.

What have we turned into

Why can't we see anyone happy. Why we are jealous of other people achievements. We just want to go up, in any way we can. We won't work much but we make sure our Superiors should not feel so. And even if we spend the whole day in playing or gossiping in Cafeteria , we make sure to stay late in office to prove that we are hard working (Smartness Indeed).

We make sure even if we have got a good help from our team mate we won't express that, but if that guy is not helping, we make sure everyone knows it and in the worst possible word of mouth(Again Very smart). We can't be happy with other accomplishments of others. Why we just have to show that we are happy for what they have achieved but in reality we aren't.

I have learned a lesson in life that, never envy someone's accomplishments because they will envy yours too. That's Nature's rule. You can't defy it. So whats the point ? Every one knows its not good to cheat , to take credit of someone Else's work , but still we do, because that's called smartness, no ? Your job is to stay at top no matter till what level you have to go. But where have we reached ? Totally unsatisfied life.

We can't love our near and dear ones because we are busy in finding the benefit they are trying to get out of us. Every day we try to look for something different to do. We just can't sit calm. We are not running in so called race of life which has no finishing point, but in reality we are just running from ourselves.

Can't we just be ourselves rather than being a hypocrite. So that we can sleep in peace. If we we ask ourselves the questions being who we can get an answer and when we look into mirror we see ourselves, not the alter ego !!

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