New Year accordion to Georgian calendar is one of the most popular celebrations all over the world with joy and traditional ways. We celebrate the New Year Eve with traditional lights of earthen lamps with oil, decorating our houses with flowers and electrical lighting and Rangloi as well. The best part of the occasion is the spirit of the day that brings freshness into the life. This is all about closing an old chapter and entering into a new one. We enjoy these moments with friends and family members by giving gifts as our goodwill gesture and go out with them to eat out and enjoy the occasion. However, there are some bad practices, which have taken their places need to be sorted out to make this occasion more meaningful.


New Year is more fun 

New Year celebrated differently from other festivals in many countries, although both events considered the big celebrations in every country where people celebrate these but there always is a big difference how these two big events celebrated and observed by the locals. Christmas is more likely a family, relatives and friends’ event while New Year considered personal and first-degree family celebration. New Year event entangles few beliefs and ancient traditions that make it different from all other celebrations.


Ancient tradition and beliefs behind New Year’s celebration

Here comes the occasion to settle the issues with friends in case you are having misunderstandings with anyone among your friends, relatives or family members. Make sure to settle the matter before the end of December 31 or else it so believed that on the coming New Year you will encounter lot more troubles or may gain more enemies. Also, settle old debts before the year finishes making sure that New Year would be far better for you.

New Year’s resolutions

Think wise and think twice before chanting your New Year’s resolutions. Once you made a promise on New Year Day and you broke it, the old folks say that you will never achieve any thing good during the whole year. Making a resolution is one of the easiest things but keeping it is not as easy. What I feel that this has also become a fashion and people take pride telling others that they have taken to this or that to keep but most of them end up forgetting their resolutions the next morning. 


Save your cash to last for whole year

If you plan to spend tons of your monies on the first day, itself on New Year Day there is no harm, go ahead and do it but there is a certain risk involved. You would be spending lot more during the whole year and would not be able to save enough for the plans you were working on. To make it worse, according to old sayings, you may even become poorer for the whole next year. This ancient belief stands true in practice by many people therefore; most commercial establishments keep closed on first day of the year to help you save some money. 

Do not save energy, light the house with fire

No, do not take it literally thinking about burning your houses but make the whole house shine with glittering lights. The common belief says that, lighting the whole house and its surroundings would invite positive energy. Therefore, on New Year eve most people make it a point to keep their houses glittering with lights. This belief is truer for electrical appliances companies because these companies always find themselves in big profit getting and all the positive energy and luck after New Year day. 

Twelve round shaped fruits and wear polka dots


Filipinos mostly go for twelve different round shaped fruits. Fruits are symbol of blessings and round shape denotes the shape of money- round. This is one of the ancient New Year traditions, which Filipinos never forget to follow. These round fruits usually set in the middle of the table surrounded by other foods on New Year’s Eve. Wear something with polka dots design on the eve of New Year and fill your pocket and wallet with coins and bills. Scatter coins in front of your door to welcome blessings from different quarters but you must tell the little kids not to pick up the coins until the second day of the year. However wearing clothes in bad taste is not demand of the day. 


Are you fired up- want to gain some height

People keep jumping for no reasons whatsoever, what I gather from their action may suggest that they find it helpful in gaining height or too fired up. On the strike of twelve o’clock before December 31 ends, jump as high as you can to increase your height. However, kids nowadays do not believe this tradition anymore. They do jump but at not while the right occasion comes. They usually find the wrong reasons for jumping around. 

Drive your neighbors crazy

Usually a few hours before we enter into the New Year, people start to play with firecrackers and make big noise. Although making noise best known to drive evil forces away or negative energy off, the more noise made, the farther you drive the evil and negative elements. However, in ancient times, old folks used bamboo canyons to create loud sounds until firecrackers became the new trend. Now due to accidents caused by these harmful firecrackers people resorted to other methods of creating sounds to avoid accidents due to fire while using firecrackers. 

The next best option found is kitchenware, which is far more useful as stainless or aluminum wares make big noise at no cost whatsoever. Some people use their stereo or sound system at maximum volume while others honk their car horns. I suggest you to be ready with your ear protected to avoid damage due to big noise that is part of the New Year celebrations. However, you do not have to worry as no one from the neighborhood is going to stop you from making crazy sounds because they all are already involved with the same practice. 


New Year’s Eve 

Midnight meals or big celebrations are way of life for younger generation these days. The midnight meal that goes with heavy drinking is another ‘in trend’ issue that needs our attention due the effects and impressions it leaves behind. Most people end up heavily drunk and unable to drive back home and have to sought help of others or get involved in drunken driving to bad consequences ultimately. Therefore, we must see to it that the purpose of the New Year celebration to spread love and good wishes among the family and friends done in the right spirit according to the occasion.

I wish you a very prosperous Happy New Year in advance.   

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