Celebrated on the 25th December every year the festival of Christmas brings with it joys and good wishes for millions of people across the world. Little kids around the world wait anxiously for their beloved Santa Claus who is believed to come in a sleigh with a huge bag filled with candies and gifts for them. Though the celebrations may differ from one corner of the world to other but the high and happy spirit of the festivals is the same across the boundaries. wishing you all a Merry Christmas in advance! I bring to you the different colors and joys of Christmas from some different parts of the world.

INDIA - Euphoria of the festival is magical

Christmas in India is celebrated with full joy by different religions with slight modifications of their own. Special prayers are organized in the churches throughout the country. imag0301-1000pxDecorations in full swing can be seen at public places like malls and coffee shops everywhere. Days before the 25th one can see the euphoria the festival creates around with lights, trees, Santa Claus statuses & other colorful decorative in the markets. One can hear the Christmas carols like the "jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way" in and around the households and churches. 

Schools throughout the country organize special Christmas day plays & parties for students. Cakes, candies, sweets and specials dinners form a part of the happy celebrations. As Christmas is a National Holiday people indulge in family celebrations, buying new clothes, cakes, decorating their houses and trees & distributing gifts to children. The grandest Christmas celebrations can be seen in the colorful state of Goa with a huge number of tourists at the place during the festival. It enjoys the magnificent celebration that is a carnival and Missa de Galo which is a traditional midnight mass.

AMERICA - Its a Happy Holiday Time

For America Christmas is a big holiday time. During the festival one can find numerous Christmas trees on the streets decorated with uncountable colorful lights. The cold climate of the country allows the people to indulge in making snowmen outside their homes with their children. Almost all the houses in the country are beautifully decorated with lights, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, snowmen etc. People in America often follow the tradition of distributing gifts to their friends & family on the day. They invite each other for meal get together and have special food served to their guests that includes cakes, cranberry sauce, turkey, vegetables, salad, potatoes and other desserts. For some families it is important to visit the church on Christmas and take part in the various activities or services of the Church.

AUSTRIA - Children fear the arrival of some one! Find out whose?

While children in other countries wait happily for Santa Claus on Christmas it is an unusual day in Austria. It is believed that a goat-horned devil named Krampus Night visits the places in Austria to scare the children who misbehave. People in Austria dress up as the devil Krampus Night and carry sticks and wear ghost masks on Christmas Day.

RUSSIA - Christmas is celebrated on January 6th

While the rest of the world celebrates Christmas on 25th December Russia observes the festival on January 6 as the church in the country follows the old Julian calendar which brings in the difference of 13 days. The dinner on the day has a special porridge called “kutya” that is made up of wheat berries, honey and poppy seeds. The dish symbolizes hope, happiness, success and immortality. Throughout Russia people celebrate by carrying candles, torches or homemade colorful lanterns around the churches as was done long ago during the festival. They sing Christmas carols and hymns in the church and finally have a festive dinner at their homes in the evening.

AFRICA - Its all about Christmas Carols and festive meals

In Africa the Christmas celebrations start early in the morning when people form groups and walk across the streets singing melodious carols. 409130 10150508927609228 20087723 nPeople afterwards indulge on Christmas worship services to express their love for their beloved Jesus. At around 9 o’ clock they gather together to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ with each and every person bringing with him/her gifts to be contributed at the gathering. Houses are decorated with flowers and pine branches. Children often follow the custom of hanging up new stockings as a gift to their beloved Santa Claus. Christmas trees decorated beautifully with bells can be spotted everywhere. A traditional dinner is served in households in the evening with turkey, yellow rice with raisins, plum puddings, crackers etc.

CHINA - Children enjoy Christmas the most!

In China Christmas is welcomed by houses decorated with bright and colorful paper lanterns, lights and paper flowers. 386309 10150449429554228 45616333 nThey decorate Christmas trees with lots of lights abs call them “Trees of Light”. Santa Claus is called “Dun Che Lao Ren” in Chinese and is a favorite among Chinese children. Many of the children keep muslin stockings outside their houses awaiting him curiously. The most happy during the festival are the children who get new clothes, new toys, enjoy firecrackers and have festive meals. The celebrations continue towards the starting of the New Year that is called the “Spring Festival”.

DENMARK - Its not Santa Claus who brings them gifts

Christmas in Denmark is celebrated with great excitement. People look forward to a special pudding that is made on the day with rice and contains a single almond secretly in it. Traditions say that whosoever gets the single hidden almond will be favored by luck throughout the coming year. As in other parts of the world children await Santa Claus on Christmas, Russian children wait for “Julemanden” who is said to bring with him a big bag full of gifts for children. They keep rice puddings for Julemanden outside their houses on the day.

GERMANY - It is where the Christmas tree originated from

December 6th is celebrated as St. Nicholas Day in Germany and from this very day the celebrations for Christmas start in the country. Children keep a shoe near the fireplace of their houses on the day on the 6th of December. It is believed that St. Nicholas comes in the night and visits every house filling the shoe with candies if the child is a well behaved one else he fills the shoe with twigs. Many of you would be surprised to know that the Christmas tree originated in Germany. Usually the mothers in a family decorate the Christmas tree with apples, nuts, cookies, candles, lights and gifts but they keep it as a surprise for their children till the evening of Christmas. The Christmas Eve dinner comprises of ‘reisbrei’, white sausage, macaroni and other delicacies.

GREECE - Has some unique customs

Greece has some unique customs related to Christmas. On the day children go from house to house to wish everyone a Merry Christmas singing Christmas carols along that are called “kalanda” in Greece. People often gift these kids with candies, sweets or dry fruits. Prior to the Christmas Eve people often observe fasting for forty days so the Christmas feast is anxiously awaited by them. Loaves of christopsomo that is Christ Bread forms an important part of the meal on the day. One may not find many decorated Christmas trees across Greece but the main symbol of the festivity in the country is a bowl made up of wood that has basil dipped in water. The basil and a holy cross is dipped in some holy water and is used to sprinkle the holy water in the house to keep the spirits at bay. Gifts are exchanged on January 1 that is celebrated as St. Basil’s Day.

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