Life is beautiful, wonderful. People with different nature, diversified choice originating creative ideas into valuable contribution forms part of life that we are living in. It is more like a play, where everyone is performing his part and leaving as soon as his part ends, but the problem is that in drama the part is short and not everyone is playing together, means in a play while one is performing others are silent. But it does not hold true with Life, it goes on, everyone is performing its part, no one cares what you are doing because it goes on and it does not stop for anyone. And also you never know for how much time you have to perform. Life is a mix bunch of all expressions of the world like Happiness, sorrow, sadness, anger, love etc. Sorrow forms the majority, as it stays longer and comes much more than any other expressions or feelings. Why is it so? May be because of the Basic Economical phenomenon that we are hearing from childhood " Human Desires are unlimited and resources are scarce with multiple uses". Human desires or wants keeps on creeping in, even when one gets satisfied, other thousands left in line, the unfulfilled desire to achieve them make a person sad. Even when he priorities his needs, it is more like a sacrifice which though prevents his resources but makes him sad from inside. No matter how much we get we still gets unsatisfied. There are various levels of Human wants, and everyone is in different level having different wants. Their inability to fulfill any of the wants makes them unhappy leading to events of sorrow. The studies of Management are based on day to day human experience only. If we take an example of Maslow's Needs hierarchy theory, it says Human wants are divided into 5 levels:- 1]physiological needs 2]safety needs 3]social need 4]esteem need 5]self actualization needs. Physiological need is the very basic needs which includes food etc once this need is satisfy, human wants safety, after safety he does not stop, he wants social needs which includes friends, family, relatives, love life etc, then he needs esteem needs, the things to flaunt about, respect etc. So everyone of us is right now is within the desire of any of these 5 needs only.

Maslow has very well classified out life into a bunch of needs which are of 5 types, and is the sole cause of our sorrowfulness. Because we never get satisfied with what we have, we don't value what we are having today, the desire to achieve more makes us feeling depressed under the present situation and even after achieving the desired state, some other desires creeps in or some times we desire to get back to the old situation which is not possible manier times.

Thus because of our unwanted desires none of us can be truly said to be Happy, You can ask even the happiest person, he will say he is not Happy. I was thinking one day, that the richest people must be Happy, but even they are not. I was going through the facebook profile of one of my friends, she had flaunted her rich state in all of her pics, Her big luxurious house like a king palace, her ferrari wow, Her never repeating branded cloths, accessories, makeups, foreign trips etc was sufficient enough to make anyone jeolous. I was wondering how rich she is, she is so lucky and I thought she must be so very Happy, but that I opened many other of her pics where she was praying god to take away her sorrow and to make her Happy. I was shocked, she can have anything in life that she desires because of the Money she is having and still she is not happy that she is begging for happiness. I'am worried what is Happiness? And is there anyone present on this Earth who is Truly Happy? Some says friends are happiness, but I don't agree, they all are at some or the other point become selfish, even you become selfish at some point with friends. We fight with friends and invites sorrow. What is the way for achieving the real happiness? I guess this world is all fake and no one can really be Happy. But even after struggling, facing troubles and challenges, there is nothing wrong in living cheerfully. As some has rightly said that "Believe that life is beautiful even if it does not always seem to be. It's good to have, hope it will be worth it.

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