A place where labourers work hard and build up beautiful dwellings for us. The view from my balcony enables me to observe the happenings in and around a building construction site and also the living pattern of these hard core workers residing there.Well to begin with, it's morning time around 10.45 am. What all I can hear is irritating sound of various machines which are employed in the construction of the building. There are many more things that I can see, hear and understand by looking at this construction site.

First of all I would like to talk about the greenery all around. The entire construction site is surrounded by multiple coconut trees loaded with fresh looking coconut and a few mango trees as well. The fresh coconuts are so tempting. One definitely gets an urge to drink its blissful coconut water. This place showcases abundance of nature all around it. A place nurtured by nature to the fullest. Enrichment of the trees and the greenery gives you a very soothing feeling. Along with the green life here, a lot of birds add to the beauty of this place and makes it look and sound even more interesting and energetic.  During morning time this place looks its best with abundance  fresh air, birds chirping, rising sun. It’s very delightful to watch it.

 Moving on, since it’s a construction area I can see materials like cement, bricks, iron rods, water pipes, wooden sticks, mud, hammer, ploughs, trolleys, andwooden sticks, mud, hammer, ploughs, trolleys, and many more tools and other things all over. The machines when operated become an extreme irritant for all the people in the nearby residents. The building has completed almost two storey’s. A lot of workers have been employed here. They all are busy doing their work. Undoubtedly these workers do a lot of tedious work and are extremely hard working. While observing them I saw a worker standing at an extreme edge of a rod and managing to do his work confidently like stunt man accomplishing his work also singing aloud with a high pitch his favorite  bollywood tracks. Somehow they manage to entertain themselves while working . They talk aloud , sing a listen to music and radio mostly . All these workers mostly talk and speak at a very high pitch. Almost all posses smart phones and whenever they have conversations with someone on phone, its so loud that everyone around the nearby buildings can make make out what what he or she is talking about.

While observing them working ,  a thought rolled to my mind, i thought this can be the best workout place for some of us who uselessly waste a lot of our energies working out in gyms where actually we do not create anything  fruitful. Anyways just a thought ,further  would like to talk about the attires of these hard core workers. They are dressed in ragged and filthy clothes, actually this seems to be their working attire. After the completion of their work they manage to wear something that looks a little decent. 

Since this is a building construction site project a lot of workers have shifted here with their families. Their wife’s support and work along with these workers too. Its delightful watching them earning and living their lives with dignity. They work hard throughout the day and then like any other working man or woman  go back to their home which is actually the same building construction area and some tents build around. At night time all these workers with their gather together at a common place then they gossip together for long ,they laugh aloud , also they listen to music together especially their favorite music  is mostly the 70’s- 80’s bollywood music. Together they enjoy and cherish and live a normal happy life despite all the hardships.

These workers make such beautiful and highly furnished dwellings for us. Like banjara’s  on completion of one construction project they move to another place with their families in search for a new place to earn their living. Truly these people have a very important place in our society.

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