Akshay Kumar As Serious Actor

Akshay Kumar the actor from Bollywood is one of my most favorite filmy personalities. I love his acting as well the witty talent and most of all his incredible sense of humor which stands him apart from the lot of leading contemporary actors in the industry. I have full confidence that if you ever asked him to be serious for a day he will give you a hearty laugh immediately. Does that mean Akshay has never been in serious in his life or played a serious role in his life? That will not be justified if I do not mention ‘Aitraaz’ at this point in which he played the role of husband of Karina Kapoor who was in love with Priyanka and had a child with her. That was one off movie of him in which he played the role of a victim and did the job beautifully.   

I think there is a big difference in between a serious person and a person having a normal attitude toward life. I feel that Akshay knows the real meaning of seriousness but he prefer to stay normal in all situations. I also feel that Akshay has the same belief as I do that a person does not have to be inside the way as he generally appears or behaves in public. A person who looks serious is not necessarily the same in his personal life too or vice versa.

I recall reading one of his articles in which Akshay had mentioned that in the beginning of his career he worked with a film actress known for her seriousness or not being frank with her co-stars but spending all her spare time in reading her favorite books. Akshay once entered in her vanity van by mistake which was also white colored like the one he owned too. He was astonished to see that heroin was jumping on her seat with her shoes on and laughing like mad. He recalls that she was stunned for a moment but did not stop doing what she had been doing and kept jumping and laughing. Akshay said she was back to her normal self once out of the van and back on the set.  I think that pretty much says for the seriousness of a person in public. Akshay says he does not mind jumping and laughing when doing nothing in particular.

Akshay as a money minded person

Recently I had a chance of seeing Akshay in Delhi as I was in Delhi with my Ex boss for couple of hours for a meeting with a client who came from Canada. Incidentally, that client was appointed by me as a dealer in the company during my regular job and the client wanted to meet me. I had an opportunity to watch Akshay Kumar in the same hotel where he was meeting media for the publicity campaign of ‘Singh is Bling’ along with Lara Dutta and Amy Jackson. Akshay was in his usual funny mood and was responding to answers with his own humorous ways.

I had only a few minutes to listen to him and despite the natural anxiety a filmy person has before his release Akshay did not show any sign of nervousness. Not even then when a reporter asked him about the 100 crore club and his last few movies missing the mark with small margin. That question kind of triggered off some more similar questions but that did not made any change on the face of Akshay. He smiled and asked a counter question. He asked whether he should worry about such petty things after having worked in the industry for close to 25 years. He summed it up with a one liner- everyone needs success and so does he but not at the cost of his mental peace, he does not care much weather his movie brought 90 crores or brought 100. 

Akshay has no tension.

This is all about the question Akshay will ever direct or produce a movie under his own name? Up to date he has a plain and simple NO for an answer. He has been asked this question by many at different occasions but he has the same answer. And I have read this somewhere that if someone insists for an answer he has a pretty interesting answer, he would tell you- He has many stories in his mind especially a suspense thriller which he would love to share with anyone and if you can successfully tell who the murderer is then he will do the story. 

Here is his story- For example, he himself plays the role of a business tycoon and Aishwarya Rai is his lover and Sunil Shetty is his friend. Nasiruddin Shah plays the role of a police officer. Akshay comes back from a foreign trip and told by his friend Sunil that his lover Aishwarya is dead. He runs off to his lover’s home and finds that Aishwarya is very much alive and standing in front of him. Akshay asks her lover about the incident from his lover who explains that the truth is that his friend Sunil died a couple of days before.

Akshay was even more confused as he had met his friend at the airport a couple of hours before.  He drives back to his friend’s house but had a small accident with police officer’s car. The police officer, Nasiruddin asks about his problem and when Akshay tells about his story the officer explains that the fact was that his friend and his beloved both were murdered a couple of days before and shows him the newspaper. Akshay says, the day the mystery of murderer will be unveiled he will announce his movie. Akki does not stop here but laughs aloud as he finish his story.


Akshay does not want to be a director or producer as he has his funda clear. He says while he is doing well as a hero why should he go for something he is not sure about. He says he wants to keep his smiles intact.   

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