Deepti Naval is a well known Indian actress with immense talent and versatility. She is popularly known for her image of girl next door. She contributed to Indian cinema with her critically acclaimed and close to life characters.  Her simple appearance on screen proved to be her strength while portraying women of different eras. 

Deepti naval was born on 3rd February 1957 in Amritsar. Later her father moved to New York due to her father’s job and there she completed her studies at Hunter College. She made her debut in 1978 by the movie Junon directed by Shyam Benegal. By 1980’s she became the lead actress of parallel cinema with her lead role in movie Ek Baar Phir alongside Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi. 

Deepti naval was very close to actor Farookh Shaikh both on screen and off screen. Their on screen chemistry began with movie Chashme Baddoor in 1981. The both acted in several movies like Sath Sath, Katha etc .  They both shared a great rapport and bond with each other and were the most decent and iconic pair of their time. 

She also acted in movies of several other Indian languages and won award for best movie in Panjabi and Kannada. She also won several international awards for her role in movies Leela and Listen------Amaya.  She is no doubt a versatile actress but she is also interested in film making. Her debut movie as a director was Do Paise Ki Dhoop Char Aane Ki Barish starring Manisha Koirala.  The film was critically acclaimed at international level and has also won several awards at International film festivals along with its premiere at Cannes Film Festivals in 2009. 

Deepti married Prakash Jha for two years and the couple also adopted a daughter named Disha. Disha worked as a costume designer for her father’s movie Rajneeti. She is also learning music from Archana Shaha. Deepti’s marriage with Prakash Jha ended after two years but post their split they continued to be friends. They are still spotted together watching movies and dinning along with their daughter. Deepti was then engaged to Vinod Pandit but his untimely death ended their relationship.

Besides an actress she is also a painter, photographer and writer. Her father wanted her to be a painter but she continued to pursue both acting and painting. She has her hands in painting portraits and faces with lonely and morbid expressions.  She also conducted several exhibitions. She also wrote poems in Hindi of which Lamha Lamha was published in 2004. She also wrote a collection of short stories, The Mad Tibetan in 2011. She is also engaged in social activities and runs a charitable trust called Vinod Pandit charitable Trust for education of girl child.

Source: Wikipedia

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