Hey friends do you want to influence or attract or hypnotize someone towards you? If yes  then this article is exactly for you.

Everyone want to attract others but only few people attracts the others. And only few people know the exact technique of how to attract someone towards you. Well you don't worry I'm here not going to give you the exact procedure of hypnotize because the exact procedure is tough like anything and is not every one's cup of tea. But there are some easy tips and techniques by applying them you can just enjoy your life by most exciting ways. Well this is true that attracting someone is not so easy as you are thinking. But after reading this article you will find it easy like anything to attract someone toward you. Now lets start with some tips you can call them as Apoorva's laws of attraction.

1 law:- Well this  law is not so easy, but you can do it easily. This is a technique of TRATAK, our Indian meditation technique. In which you have to choose some point and concentrate on it everyday for 15 minutes. This is the most powerful technique by which you can make your eyes attractive and powerful. You can open your 6th sense through this. Trust me I'm not making you fool this is a real technique which I'm doing from last 2 years, when i was in 10th class. Now I'm in 12th. By doing this i got a lot of confidence and attraction too. You can always try this.

2 law:- Everyone loves themselves. Everyone loves to hear about themselves. So you just talk about the person whom you want to make attraction. You chat with him/her on the topic which are directly or indirectly related to him/her. Then they will surely be attracted towards you.

3 law:- Check the pitch of volume in which  your target is talking. You must set your voice pitch to his/her pitch. Suppose if his pitch is very strong or high then you should talk with them on high pitch and if there pitch is too soft or too low then you must talk with them in low volume. This will surely work.

4 law:- Remove the word ''I'' from your dictionaries always use the word ''YOU'' while talking with your target person. ''YOU CAN'' is the most powerful tool you can always use for influence anyone. Just motivate the person and see the miracle.

5 law:- You can attract the person by saying that he/she is really looking gorgeous. Remove negative points just add positive points.

By following these techniques you can influence any one its my guarantee.

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