A star perhaps like no other. Britney spears as we know her today has shown considerable talent and sweeps the floor when it comes to pop music. but her personal life is about just as interesting . there have been scandals...and controversies...but britney has emerged ahead...victorious .

britney jean spears was born in rural louisiana on 2nd december, 1981 to jamie and leanne spears. as a child, Britney attended dance classes, and she was great at gymnastics, winning many competitions and the like.
she tried for mickey mouse club at the age of 8 but being too young was rejected.

but it was not all just achievements as she won laurels in school for her fabulous dancing and singing. she had what people would call a "very troubled childhood".

she had her grandmother commiting suicide over the grave of her young infant, spears' parents were not a happy couple.their fights often raged like storms through little britney....

but she still aquired great success in an early age.
in 1992 she landed a spot on the popular television show Star Search. though she won the first round but ultimately lost.
after that at the age of eleven she returned to mickey mouse club(disney channel) . she was featured there for a year 93-94 after which she returned home for high school.

in the year 1997 she recorded a demo solo which was signed by 'jive records'.
i have personally heard this song friends...its really old but britney's voice was still just as outstanding. it is called ' i love rock n roll'.
she had taken a kick start and now started featuring in many magazines and ultimately became an opening act for 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys.

britney spears now moved into a dazzling adulthood. at the age of 19 , her very first album called,baby one more time(1999) came out and gave her the year's best debut. till date that album is a legend of talk when it comes to pop music.
soon britney was a familiar name in every household in america and her popularity was fast spreading.
her excellent singing was accompanied by a bout of controversies.while at one place she was nominated for two grammies in 1999 she started raising many eyebrows by her care free attitude as well. her first album video(baby one more time) showed her in a catholic school girl uniform ....with her midrif visible.this soon became atrademark of hers. in 2000 she launched her second album, oops!i did it again. but now she was being taken very critically by many... it seemed some people weren't too happy with the message she was sending their impressionable young children. On one hand, Britney was the perfect picture of innocence, declaring herself a virgin until marriage yet on the other hand, she was sexually charged and provocative, with performance such as the MTV Video Music Awards in 2000, when her costume made her appear scantily-clad. but britney would never care and moved ahead the way she wanted to.

the news of her running relationship with justin timberlake was soon a great shot with the media . not only this...her rivalry with christina aguilera(fellow singer) was also well publicised.
with her growing popularity and near perfection....she was soon given the titleof the,"pop princess" round the globe . now she was fast geting ready for her next album release in the year 2001. awards kept coming ahead as she moved on her career.
now she released "i'm a slave for you", in november......a very sexuallly charged album. her image got stronger andin mid 2002 she was given the status of the world's most powerful celebrity by forbes....but the trouble and the pains were yet to come...
many people thought that perhaps it was now time for britney spears to go down when the sales of her third album were less than impressive but she made a blasting impact with her singles like "i am not a girl...not yet a woman" and "overprotected".

she started on "dream within a dream tour" and was getting all the more stronger as a figure when something made her come crashing down. her four year long relationship with justin timberlake was broken and britney spears was shattered.
after that she announced a 6 months off from work . even though she was taking a much needed break from her work..the media followed her everywhere....she addmitted that she had lost her sacrid verginity outside of marriage to timberlake ....and let her virgin girl image fall...then she was to be seen drinking and smoking excessively in parties and was soon caught by the camera in a couple of public meltdowns.....then as if all the pain was less ....she had her parents getting divorced....
now britney was to be seeing crying in public interviews about her parents' divorce and her own split with boyfriend timberlake. Britney was linked to men such as fred durst of limp bizkit and openly kissed colin farrell at a movie premiere.
then came another album...and more controversy

britney spears' life was falling apart but she somehow managed to pull herself together for her next album release, in the zone, 2003. then a second bout of controversies attacked her.. her "like a virgin" performance in the mtv awards caused an uproar with the media. it was greatly defamed. then her maddona kiss in the very same awards was also greatly publicised. her image from a pop princess was fast slipping from her hands...and she was aquiering the image of a start desperate for the spotlight.
her in the zone album too caused some amount of controversy...the two songs....breathe on me and touch of my hand were greatly defamed as they were based on masturbation.

Yet she sold plenty of records of that album. also ...in the zone album had a special significance for Spears...She finally got an opportunity to work with her idol, Madonna.
Britney's album topped the billboard charts that year and she was again very much in the spotlight . Now 22, it seemed Britney was in a lot more control over her career, yet her personal life still seemed to be slipping. In January 2004, Britney got "married" to childhood friend Jason Alexander in a Las Vegas ceremony. The incident shocked the world, especially when the marriage was annulled 55 hours later and was described as "a joke taken too far" by her management.

Though Britney refused to comment on this relationship...It was a near certainity that Britney had really entered into a marriage. But the most shocking part was her alleged divorce after just 55 hours of marriage. This was a controversy the papparazi could never let slip...They did not leave Britney alone and followed her everywhere...Ultimately with all the pressure of her personal life being expounded and critical comments coming from everywhere , Britney broke up. She got addicted to drugs. Now Britney Spears was a falling or rather shooting star....with her personal life shattered and her professional life affected...all just wondered how she would rise again...

But she did...but before talking about that i will like to draw your attention to her addiction problems and her marriage hype...

Now Britney Spears was going through a tough time in her life...she wanted some company..to drive away her loneliness...but she was all alone....so as is the usual outcome...she got an addiction to drugs...
Britney has been spotted a number of times using addictive drugs like cocaine very often. Even the sister of her first husband and many friends of hers say so...But we should not blame Britney for this...i don't know what others might have done in a situation like hers. In feb 2007, Britney voluntarily checked in to a rehabilitation centre(place to get rid of addiction to drugs)....she stayed there for 45 days...then came back out..
While she was in the rehab...her second husband ...Kevin Federline took care of her children and expressed his hope for her full recovery....
Britney in those 45 days however seemed to have gone out of her addiction problems to a great extent...
But her addiction''s main causes are pointed out to be related to her disturbed childhood and over spotlighted life...
As most of the big time stars she was also engulfed by the monster called'drugs' but we now hope she is back ...completely...

Not only this her first marriage hype was a big one...Jason Alexander, her first husband said that he loves Britney a lot and would love to have her. he also spoke ill of her second husband, Kevin Federaline saying that his priorities are wrong and that He is a man who is not only dishonest but also much less respectful than himself.
Even though the exact causes of the break up of Britney's first marriage in a mere 55 hours is unknown...It is a Surity that such an event did take place...
Possible reasons could be Britney's depression or maybe she was under the influence of drugs...
However that marriage was a failure Alexander was a childhood friend of Britney's....
The ceremony of their marriage was a quiet one in Las Vegas but before the divorce news had spread.....

But britney spears was unstoppable . Even though she had just witnessed a storm in her personal life ...She made a smashing comeback with her next super hit single, toxic. this is the song that won her her first grammy in the year 2005 for the best dance recording.

She soon began her highly publicized and overtly sexual "Onyx Hotel Tour" which was canceled a few months later after Britney damaged her knee during a video shoot and had to receive medical treatment. Other singles off the album included the Gold Selling "Everytime", which topped the UK singles charts and like usual, also carried a fair amount of controversy for its video, which allegedly depicted the star committing suicide after a fight with her boyfriend, played by Stephen Dorff ; however, this was "changed" to an accident in which she drowns yet reincarnates.

By this time it was common knowledge that she was dating Kevin Federline a former back up dancer on her tour.

She married Federline in September , 2004 and once again showed that she was definitely back on her track of life.

Meanwhile the marriage was again a greatly publicised affair because kevin had had a former girlfriend shar jackson actress of the film moesha who hadf been pregnant at the time when kevin married britney.

Britney however said that she had had no wind of anything of the sort and had fond out abut this only after marriage . she compared her situation with the situation of julia roberts who too had found out of her husband's commitment after marriage.

The same month as her marriage ...britney released a single of her next coming album.
It looked like britney was back on the reigns of her life.
A reality TV Series "Britney & Kevin: Chaotic" (2005), which featured the pair getting to know each other the previous year, leading up to their wedding aired on UPN and eventually got a world wide audience, despite harsh criticism. Britney was now pregnant for the first time and on her way to be a devoted wife and mother.

Britney had her first child She gave birth to her first child, Sean Preston Federline, nearly one year later, on September 14, 2005 in Santa Monica, California by a scheduled caesarean section.In November 2005, Spears released her first remix album, B In The Mix: The Remixes. she was once again a rising star and with world wide powerful performances...she promised a startling return to her throne.In 2006, Spears guest-starred on the Will & Grace episode "Buy, Buy Baby" as a closeted lesbian. Spears announced her second pregnancy in May 2006 during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.She also appeared on Dateline the next month to discuss tabloid rumors about an impending divorce, and motherhood. She addressed an incident which occurred in February when photos revealed her driving with her son unrestrained in her lap, explaining, "I see a bunch of photographers and I’m scared and I want to get out of the situation... They’re coming up on the sides of the car which is a scary situation for me… so I get my baby out of the car and I go home."
st two days before Sean's first birthday, Spears gave birth to her second son, Jayden James Federline on September 12 in Los Angeles.
Spears's aunt Sandra Bridges Covington, with whom she had been very close, died of ovarian cancer on January 21, 2007. Spears then stayed in an off-shore drug rehabilitation facility in Antigua for less than 24 hours on February 16.the following night at a hair salon she shaved off her hair .
She was back in no time when federaline summoned her for the reason's of divorce and custody...now the rumuors were coming true...

Britney filed divorce from federaline on 7th november, 2006 citing irreconcilable differences and demanding the custody of her two children. she hired her lawyer and federaline responded asking for the custody of his children in turn. according to his lawyer , the divorce filing by Britney took him completely by surprise.The couple reached a global settlement agreement in March 2007 and their divorce was finalized in July.
now britney's behaviour again recieved a lot of media attention ...including incidents like the one in which she attacked a paparazzi vehicle with an umbrella. she now left the rehabilitation center fully cured on march 20th.
now she had to fight a legal battle for her children. but many were on her side. she got all the support from her fans and from many writers who sympathised with her and wrote of the injustices done to her ...about her lack of privacy.
In May 2007, she produced a mini-tour for the House of Blues just after she left a rehabilitation facility under the name The M+M's; with six shows altogether, she sang live during some lines of her songs.while she had now got to share the custody of her children with her ex-husband...now again she was in trouble...In September 2007, the official findings in Spears's custody battle were announced by the court. She was ordered to undergo random drug and alcohol testings and to attend parenting counseling. Spears and Federline continued to share joint custody of their two children on a conditional basis.[106] A few days later, she was officially charged with misdemeanor hit-and-run and driving without a license. If convicted, she could face a year in jail. Spears lost physical custody of her children to Federline on October 1, with the court ruling that Federline will keep full custody of the children. The charges for her alleged hit-and-run that occurred in August 2007 were officially laid, she was booked for the charges by the Los Angeles Police Department on October 15 but was not arrested

the release of her 5th album, blackout was on october 30th , 2007. It debuted at number 2 in the U.S. making Britney the only artist to have her first 5 albums at number 1 and number 2 spot.

It was a huge hit all over the world. the critics could not lay a finger on her.The song 'gimme more' from 'blackout' topped the billboard hot 100 charts making his number The most successful single of spears after baby 1 more time...which was her debut.

But problems were there as well. Brit's performance at the 2007 mtv music awards was the worst to grace the award show...it was said....

She was completely blank and kept making wrong moves and sometimes stopped singing altogether. This was justified as a situation of blind panic for her because she had not performed in such a long time....so she messed it up.

But despite the criticism on her performance ...the song achieved worldwide renown and Britney was yet again the pop princess.

The second single from the album, 'piece of me'...was certified as platinum in the U.S.

On Jan 3, 2008 after spending 4 sleepless nights...Britney refused to give the custody of her children Federaline's representatives.In response, police were called to her home. She was hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after she "appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance", though blood tests tested negative for any illicit substances. She was held for psychiatric evaluation for two days. Pending a February 19 hearing, commissioner Scott Gordon issued an order on Jan 14 stating that her visitation rights have been suspended indefinitely. On January 31, a court placed Britney under temporary co-conservatorship of her father James Spears and attorney Andrew Wallete, giving them complete control of her assets.[138] As a result of an order placed by her psychiatrist, she was taken to UCLA Medical Center to be put on a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold for the second time that month.


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