comedyComedy has always being the main thing for many of television viewers and movie viewers want to see.Their has been a large number of actors in Bollywood who became famous for comedy done by them. Some of the  old actors who became famous in Bollywood for being a comedian are Mehmood, Johny Walkar, Agha, Sunder, Kishor Kumar and latest actors who have became famous for doing comedy are Johnny Levier, Javed Jaffri, Sunil pal , Raju Shrivastav and many others. Their has being a large growth in the number of comedy movies that are made in Bollywood.Today almost 60 per cent of the successful movies are comedies. Comedy movies are mainly liked by young generations and teenagers and many others like movies based on families, love etc. Seeing the view of the audience their are bollywood songs which contain comedy and fun. Many people become fans of the actors who do comedy and make them laugh as they think they forget their worries and sadness due to laughter given by such actors.

Their has been a large growth of television serials and channels which contain comedy, jokes etc. They are made in a view to attract audience looking out for daily fun and laughter. Sab tv has became a lot of famous for its comedy serials and it has attracted a large amount of audience.Their line " Asli maza SAB ke saath aata hai " has became central attraction for many viewers. Advertising is also responsible for growth of comedy serials and comedy channels. Their has been large growth in the number of people looking out to do stand up comedy due to serials like comedy circus. Comedians are getting paid for their art of doing comedy which was not seen before .Their has also been a large growth of comedy shows on Radio .

Thus comedy has given employment in various sectors like television , Radio, advertising, etc. Thus comedy has became a important part of life's of many persons and has been responsible for the growth of various sections of society.


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