There is one restaurant near vt, next to Crawford market, called Howrah. U can get good Bengali food at moderate rate.

Another restaurant is there called o' Calcutta. Bit expensive but very well known, authentic and very good service. Exact location i cant provide but you can get the location and phone number dialing at 28888888 (Mumbai helpline )

Hooghly, shop no.2 meera apts, oshiwara, andheri-west, mumbai -53

Tel: 26399333, 32699933, 9320039333

There are 2 Bengali restaurants in in Bombay. One in shastrinagar, lokhandwala and the other is in tardeo. The food is the most original and authentic Bengali food you can get outside of your home!

There is one Bengali restaurant in Vashi (Navi Mumbai) also in city mall.bit expensive but authentic preparation. I last had one plate sarshe ilish three years ago.

Try in Calcutta club, it’s in No. Is 9870424395 another new 1 is Calcutta connection, this is near to mega mall.

Howrah- near vt- food is okay, the price is moderate. They at times can cook up good stuff, and at times can be pathetic.

O Calcutta- Tardeo, they also have a branch in Andheri- very good food- price- expensive- Anjan chatterjee sob restaurant . Its 5 star.

Calcutta club- Oshiwara- good food- price moderate- but a small place

Hangla- move n pick joint for rolls, chops etc.

You can also check all the Bengali restaurants in Mumbai, by visiting this web site- The site is very good, as it besides providing you the list of restaurants, also gives you, the review of the restaurant by people who have visited it.



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