One thing that comes to mind as soon as you enter Hyderabad is Hyderabadi Biryani and world famous Chaar Minara.

Speaking of Hyderabadi Biryani. I had been to Hyderabad recently on official visit. My client coined the word Hyderabadi Biryani during official meeting and did no mistake to catch hold of it.


As he suggested we travelled to Secunderabad to a four storey restaurant named PARADICE. After going through a thorough airport kind of security checks laced with all kinds of metal ditactors. Believe me I have never gone through such a security check in any restuarant. With Rahul Gandhi as regular visitor to the restuarant(source my client) such security seems immaterial.


As we settled for a table, being a veggie, my order of veg. biryani was taken by the waiter with a sad face as the restuarant is reknowned for non veg.


The surprise element for me was the waiters flashing palmtops. Out of curiosity i happened to ask one of them to show me the palmtop. The palmtop was a customised touch screen order placing wireless device. Can u believe! our biryani order was being placed through this wireless palmtop by the waiter. Once the order was placed and ready to be served the waiter used to get the intimation on this tiny device enabling easy multitasking for him in such a huge restuarant.


I learnt that around 500 people were being served at a time.


Coming to the biryani. After having same i was not surprised about the sucess of this restuarant and my heart went like Wah Ustad Wah!

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