The high noon tea ensures a fun and good food. If you have a high tea is organized like many small dishes on the table. From delicious scones and muffins to sandwiches and quiches. As a bonus is nice also a few luxury cakes to bake. Serve it in tiny dots so that everyone can try all the flavors!

Carrot Cake: a must for high tea (12 people)

The carrot cake blown over from Australia is now very popular among the Dutch. In almost every restaurant they also serve a carrot cake at high tea. Below is the classic recipe for carrot cake. Note: This pie filling very well. Small dots recommended!


* 200 g caster sugar

* 4 eggs

* 200 ml sunflower oil

* 250 grams self-raising flour

* 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

* Pinch of salt

* 1 / 2 bags of baking powder (8 grams a)

* 300 grams of grated carrots

* 1 cup chopped walnuts (60 grams)

* 25 g butter (room temperature)

* 3 tablespoons cream cheese

* 200 grams icing sugar


Preheat oven to 170 degrees Celsius. Beat with a mixer the eggs, salt and caster sugar to a creamy result. Turn the mixer on the lowest level below the sunflower oil and mix through. Sift the flour below, cinnamon and baking powder over the egg mixture and mix with a wooden spoon to combine.
Then add the grated carrots and walnuts. Put the mixture in a tin of 24 cm. Bake approximately 50 minutes in the oven. Let the mixture cool down below. Add the butter, cream cheese and powdered sugar in a bowl and mix with a fork until glaze. Spread the carrot cake this with the back of the spoon.

Tip: Do something nice figures with the glaze. The glaze is available in different colors. This gives you some carrots to make carrot cake figurines.


On the classic carrot cake are many variations. There are recipes for carrot cake with banana, chocolate carrot cake or carrot cake with pistachio nuts. The carrot cake has become so popular that the supply and variants will probably be extended much further.

Fruit Cake (12 persons): very light and fruity

Would you prefer a light and airy cake that served at high tea? Then you can prepare fruit cake. This was nicely light and fruity and contains less calories than a piece of carrot cake or chocholadetaart example. Moreover, taste the fruit tart with strawberries and raspberries delicious.


* 100 g sugar

* 100 grams (liquid) butter

* 250 grams cake flour

* 5 eggs

* 6 tablespoons of jam (strawberry or four fruits)

* 1 cup strawberries

* 1 cup raspberries

* Small cup berries

* Mint leaves

* Powdered sugar


First beat the liquid butter and sugar until a creamy mass. Whisk the eggs one by one there. Finally you create the cake flour. Meanwhile, rinse the fruit. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Put the dough in a greased and floured cake tin. Put the mixture in the center of the oven and bake for 45 minutes. When the cake has cooled you brush it with a layer of jam. Then you arrange the fruit in a nice way on the cake. Put here some mint leaves and dust in the mix with a little sugar and you have a beautifully served cake.

Monchoutaart (12 persons): all this lust

Almost everyone who holds cherries, is also a lover of monchoutaart. Also, this cake is more popular among the high tea'ers. The cake is very easy to prepare and very tasty. A must for the high tea so.


* 2 packages cream cheese or cream cheese

* 100 grams of liquid butter

* 1 packet of biscuits bastogne

* 2  packages Knock Knock

* 100 ml skimmed milk

* 1 can cherry pie filling

* Berries (garnish)


Let the butter melt in the pan. Set to low heat and add the cakes are crumbled by bastogne. Stir this well while still on the stove. After the heat. Cover the tin with parchment paper first and then fill with cake mixture. Knock knock knock on with the milk to a creamy consistency. Mix the cream cheese with mixer, then pour the mixture through knock knock a little and mix well. Divide between the bottom. Pour the pie filling below it. Put it at least six hours in the refrigerator. If you have monchoutaart garneert berries with the cake looks totally beautiful. Then flip it.

Other pies and cakes for the high tea

Cheesecake is less easy to make but it is a true delight for the high tea. Cheesecake can be made in many variations such as cheesecake with banana and toffee sauce, cheesecake with caramel, cheesecake to tiramisu. An overview of cheesecake recipes, for example, can be found at Here are other recipes for high tea cakes. Think about mini strawberry tarts, pear tart, lemon cake or chocolate cake with pecannootjes. You can use the high tea so rich and tasty as you want!

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