Bar tending

Those who are fond of their drink often envy bar tenders for obvious reasons. Considering it is the major lifestyles changes that have taken place today. Bartending has taken place today. Bartending has come to be recognized as a very glamorous and sought after profession. Contrary to the belief that bartenders are just waiters who serve from tall counters of expensive drinks, these professionals are actually specialists in the sphere. Using their expert knowledge and skill in the subject, they not only invent new cocktails from a variety of alcoholic drinks but also new twist to cold drinks served to guests.


Flamboyance and exaggeration are certainly a part of a Bartenders’ approach while mixing drinks. However, it is certain basic requisites that actually help him/her success. Included in the list of ‘must have’ are powers of observation, ability to use one’s discretion , alertness, patience, excellent customer relationship skills, fluency in English, knowledge of the local language, willingness to work at night, courteousness and even assertiveness when necessary. While popping up beers and sizzling champagne bottles is part of their job, bar tenders also need to posses thorough knowledge of alcoholic drinks, and cocktails, builds their efficiency and speed in preparing special liquor and cocktails preparations. In addition to these, they also need to posses the aesthetic and artistic ability to perform the above tasks skillfully, curiosity to know more, the ability to experience intelligently and the willingness to take calculated risks.

Qualifications and training

While a few professionals here are self taught individuals most at least posses a hotel management qualification and/or a special certification in bar tending when applying for the position of a bar tender. Hence it is advisory, that one suitably qualifies oneself in bartending from a good bartending school, available in major metropolitan cities across India and broad. Institutes that offer courses in the subject provide extensive knowledge to candidates about a variety of alcohol related drinks and medium, as well heir usages and combinations. These schools also trains students in concocting new drinks and flavors, servicing customers, managing a bar and making suitable arrangement for drinks to be served in requirements. Like in most other fields, here also it is important to practice tasks to perfection, since experience overrides qualifications!

Jobs profiles and career prospects

Bar tenders are professionally responsible for a variety of responsibilities, depending on the bar its size, venue, employees, patron strength, reputation and popularity. These professionals may be positioned here to service guests at the bar, take, orders correctly, makes drinks speedily, present them artistically and sere them quickly. In addition, he/she may be responsible for checking identification, moving out patrons who have too many drinks and pose to be nuisance, recording the inventory, managing cash that flows in or even handling promotions and events here. Besides going solo in to entrepreneurship, these individuals can find work not only at bar today, but also at night clubs, discotheques. High profile wedding cruise liners, luxury trains, hotels, restaurants and at times even in themed events at parks, and family joints, where permission to serve alcohols is given.

Pros and Cons

The perks of being in this sphere are plenty. It is an unsaturated field, qualified experts. Though salaries of fresh bartenders are never phenomenal, yet they can earn up a lot more from tips, depending on the establishment they work in, its popularity and gentry coming in. additional perks includes, working in plush places, travelling and getting drinks as freebees. However, the flip side of the jobs is, that one has to work late hours in to the night and serve patrons who often get drunk and hence are difficult to manage. Exhaustion and boredom are two other cons of the line. The crux to surviving and making it big here is to Endeavour to learn something newer growth opportunities, ignore negativity witnessed in these joints and keep innovating and experimenting!


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