" Paradise" is still the most common word used by tourists to describe the lush island of golden beaches and brillient blue waters.I decided thatit was time to unleash our tropical side and experience for ourselves the much talked about magic of Sri Lanka and what better time to  enjoy the sun and sand than during the famous Hikkaduwa beach festival.

                                                           The island kept up its promice of being a friendly nation right from the Bandaranayake international airport  with its courteous and smiling immigration officers to the locals of the villages and cities.The drive to colombo took longer than the said 40 minutes with bouts of traffic with congesting the already busting streets.However the city of colombo was a treat.It is clean with tree lined wide roads ,great shops and restuarents.The apartment we stayed in overlooked the ocean and was set in the middle of a residential area neighbouring a deliciously stylish restuarent.


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