Planning plays an important role in the economic development of a nation. Soon after attaining independence, India resolved to implement five year plans taking into consideration the needs of the people and the resources available.

                               In the past India was considered to be one of the richest countries in the world. She had great natural resources. But over centuries she was under slavery and was subjected to exploitation. Foreign rules left the country economically depleted. The British especially were responsible for the poor state of our economy. Under their rule poverty engulfed the nation.

                            This situation had to be remedied when the nation achieved political independence. The nation had to be made self-reliant in all respects. For this, careful planning was needed. Our first Prime Minister and the architect of modern India, Nehru introduced the concept of five year plans. These plans were to ensure an all round development of the nation. The planning commission was set up to prepare the five year plans. It was intended that the country had to be self-reliant in about three decades. But various factors disturbed our planning and reaching the desired goals is still a distant dream. The wars with china and Pakistan led to the deterioration in our economy.

                                      So far ten plans have been implemented. Each plan has its objectives and priorities. The planning commission prepares the blue print of these plans. The first five year plan gave priority to agriculture and power projects. The second plan aimed at creating a socialistic pattern of society. Self sustaining growth was the objective of the third plan. The fourth plan concentrated attention on the weaker sections of the society. The fifth plan had self reliance as it slogan. After this there were annual plans. The sixth plan gave priority to the removal of poverty. The seventh and the eight plans had been prepared to ensure an all round developments. The ninth plan aims the acceleration of economics reforms the tenth plan aims to supply protected drinking water for all villages.

                            All these plans had common features like removal of poverty, improving the life of the common man and generation of employment opportunities.

                                 The nation underwent a metamorphosis during these plans. A lot has been done to improve the quality of life of people. In the fields of agriculture and production of electric power we have made remarkable progress. India is one of the leading industrialized nations. A large number of industries provide employment to workers and technicians. Our scientists have achieved wonders in their respective fields. The government is introducing a number of schemes to help the poor. In the fields of education and health health progress is made.

                                             There are Impediments in the way of our planning. Population explosion hampers our progress. People should work with honesty and integrity to make our planning successful.

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