Ancient Indians thought deeply about human life. They divided the life based on four things. Those vital things are ' Dharma ', ' Artha ' , 'kama', 'Moksha' . Those geniuses said that the Dharma is the key for a fruitful life. ' Manuvu ' wrote the ' DharmaShastra' 'Bruhaspati' wrote the ' Arthashastra' 'Nandiswara' wrote the ' Kamashastra' . It had 1,000 sub divisions. 'Swetakethu' simplified it into 500 sub divisions. Again 'Bhabravya' simplified it into 150 sub divisions. At the time of around 100 A.D.,Mallanaga decided to write a perfect and easy understanding Kamashastra. He studied all the literature available. Mallanaga wrote a fresh Kamashastra with 36 subdivisions. He named that ' Vatshayana Kamasutram'. Vatshayana was his surname. Many people criticized that badly. So , it went to the dark area . After so many years , Some people brought that book into the light. They realized that it is a great helper to men and women. Kamasutram got very much popularity. In 1883, Sir Richard Burton translated the Kamasutram to English as ' Vatshayana Kamasutra'. Then the book was translated in all world languages. Now , everybody knows about 'Kamasutra'. Many Sexologists are experimenting on the 'Kamasutra'. Many people are following the ' kamasutra' technics. That is the greatness of unknown Mallanaga Vatshayana.

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