The kid’s club

Three children could not find a place to play

Ganesh, Jayanna, and Shankar live in a building called Sailaja Apartments. It has ten floors. However, there is no place for them to play. The only place where they can play is the staircase.

 Jayanna: I do not like the staircase. It is dark and dirty.

Ganesh: it is the best place to play. Come, I will show you how to have fun.

 The children take the lift to the top floor.

 Ganesh: come on, get busy! Everybody should ring a bell and run.

Jayanna: ring a bell? Why?

Ganesh: to see the fun! Come on, start running, or they will catch you.

 They press the doorbells of three flats and run sown the stairs. Six floors below, they stop to listen of the angry voices.

 I man: what is going on here?

II man: who rang the bell?

III man: wait till I catch you!

 Shankar: this is the best game I have ever played!

Ganesh: come on, let us do it again.

 For a whole week the children do it again and again. They do not get caught. Then one day, they ring the bell of a flat on the eighth floor.

 The door opens and a man comes out. The children run down the stairs. Ganesh slips and hurts his leg.

 Ganesh: oh, my leg, my leg!

Shankar: come on, get up, Ganesh.

The man is coming down.

 Ganesh: you run, I cannot move.

Jayanna: we will not leave you here.

The man catches up with them.

 Man: you naughty children! How can you disturb people like this? It is a very rude to do.

Then he bends over Ganesh and feels his leg gently.

Man: I do not think you have broken any bones. It is just a cut. Come with me. I will bandage it.

 The children follow the man into his flat.

Man: come in, children. I am Rama Rao. Let’s be friends. Call me uncle Ramu.

 Jayanna: we are sorry, uncle Ramu. But there is no place for us to play.

Ramu uncle: I have an idea. I have an extra room. We can have a kid’s club there. You kids can meet there and do whatever you like-expect rude things like ringing other people’s doorbells and running other people’s doorbells and running away!

Uncle Ramu smiles and pats Jayanna’s cheek.



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