*Wise people grab the first opportunity to achieve their aim. But people who are successful do not wait for an opportunity. They create opportunities for themselves to achieve their goal.

 It is normal for man to wait for opportunities to knock at his door. Do not miss any opportunities, wise people say. There are opportunities for studying well and coming up in life. There are many opportunities for landing a plum job. There are opportunities for making lots of money. Opportunities are unlimited. Seize them to add value to your life.

 But there are many who are not so lucky. There are no opportunities to knock at their door. They have no one to hold their hand and lead. They find themselves left alone to their fate.

 Once, someone asked Alexander the great if he would take the next city if he had an opportunity to do so. The emperor was quick to reply. `I do not wait for opportunities. I create opportunities.’

 You should wait for an opportunity to come and knock at your door. You should create opportunities for yourselves. Whenever a need arises, without waiting for an opportunity to come to you, you should create opportunities for yourself.

 There are many great men and women who have risen from a poor background. Abraham Lincoln had neither wealth nor a godfather to take him to heights. Yet he created opportunities for himself and rose to become president of the United States. Marie Curie had to discontinue her studies to take care of her parents and siblings. She created opportunities for herself to become a great scientist.

 John Bunyan, one of the world’s greatest writers, wrote ``Pilgrims’ Progress’’, a masterpiece in English literature. He wrote it while he was in prison. He did not wait to get out of prison to write the book, he had to face many problems in the process. His jailors refused to give him paper to write. They tried to disturb him in whichever way possible. He sat on the base floor and wrote on scraps of paper used as cork for milk bottles.

 John Bunyan created opportunities for him self by using leisure time and scraps of paper, anyone else in his place would have cursed his fate and idled away his time. But John Bunyan created on opportunity for himself and made full use of it. And the end result was a masterpiece!

 There are plenty of opportunities to do what you want. It is for you to grab them and make full use of them. Often things do not happen the way you want. The opportunities that come your way may not be the ones you are looking for. If you go on waiting for a right opportunity, you may never get what you want. Instead use the available opportunities to achieve you aim.

 A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, so says a proverb. Use every opportunity that comes your way. If there is no opportunity, create one to work wonders. Your opportunity lies in your ability to make the best of the circumstances in which you find yourself. Your success depends primarily on your personality and your initiative








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