First man was born somewhere in Asia. Man was not so developed and civilised as we are today. He worked hard for his survival. In order to protect himself from rain, thunder, heat and storm, he took shelter inside a cave. He gradually learnt to hunt. He made weapons for hunting. Then he learnt to make fire. He made wheels and began to tame animals. He began to live nearby river. He cultivated different types of crops and began to dwell in a community. They formed a village. This was the beginning of all the civilisations. Many famous civilization were found nearby the rivers. Some of the civilizations are Harrapa and Mohenjodaro Civilization, Indus Valley Civilization, Egyptian Civilization, etc. With the passage of time, lots of development took place. People became educated and clever. They no longer lived inside a cave. Many discoveries were made and lots of books were written during this period. They began to develop themselves in the subjects like astrology, astronomy, mathematics, science, medicines, etc. They learned the art and the architecture. Many unique piece of sculptures and dieties were made by the artists in the past. Many temples and forts were made. They learned the art of writing and many scripts were written. These scripts were found by the archeologists while unearthing the secrets of the past. It through this scripts we come to know what happened in the past. We know about great deeds of the great kings and their enemies, their contribution for the motherland, etc.Their language was different and difficult for us to know. It was mostly in pali, prakrit, sanskrit, devnagari, etc. Their scripts were mostly written in symbols and pictures. Man has exploited nature for its personal needs. All natural resources were used by man to earn money to satisfy his thurst for luxury. Nature always keep balance with all the elements on the earth. Any disbalance in life cycle, would led to great disaster. It has been said by the experts. These experts has also predicted regarding the end of the civilisations which might have happened due to earthquake or flood or maybe due to war. Natural calamity occurs only when there is any change in the life cycle. We all are dependent on each other. We need plants, we need animals, we need insects and we also need humans. Nothing is non-living on the Earth. Everything which we can see or we cannot see, has life and they can die. Hence, behind rise and growth of anything, we the humans are responsible for it. On the other hand, behind any destruction or death, we are responsible equally. Man has acted himself as both a creator as well as a destructor. He first develops and modernise its world. He modernise to such an extent which leds to the cause of destruction in near future. Natural reasons behind destruction of Earth is rare. The impact that may occur due to the heavenly objects or the erruption of volcanoes with earthquakes or landslides or tsunami such incidents happens rarely.  However, the artificial reasons like food crisis which led to famine, inflation, manufacturing of duplicate medicines or harmful drugs, invention of biological weapons and virus is sheer misuse of science. Killing people unnecessarily and torturing innocents has also led to the down fall of a society ot civilization. Such man-made causes can only give birth to a situation which demands war and terrorism. It has no end.

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