India is a peace loving country. After independence, India was partitioned into two different countries - India and Pakistan. Pakistan desired to include the Jammu and Kashmir but they failed in their attempt. When pakistani soldiers were enjoying the dance of the Indian dancing girls, the Indian soldiers managed to provide the back up team in the war field. Pakistan thus could not capture Kashmir and failed in their attempt. This failure has given birth to terrorism in India. According to Pakistanis, they are freedom fighters. They call it "Jehad" or holi war. However, in the past, freedom fighters fought for the sake of their mother land. They died to save the future of the country. We remember our fore fathers because of their great deeds and sacrifices. Each and every people participated in the war of independence, irrespective of their nature of work and standard of living. Men and women, everybody were fighters.

Today, the fight for power, land and money has changed the meaning and motive behind war. Freedom fighters are remembered forever. They are alive in our heart. On the other hand, when a terrorist die, we remember only his deadly activities and black veiled face. We curse them for their doings. India has threat of terrorism from not only Pakistan but also from other neighbouring countries. The borders of India are not totally sealed. Many a times terrorists enter the country through passes or by sea route or from the Nepal or Bangladesh borders.

The real motive of terrorist is to spread terrorism in the whole world. India has faced serious problems by the terrorist group called Al-Qaeda . Rather than Al-Qaeda, there are some other terrorist groups like Lashkar-e-Omar, Naxalists in central India, LTTE in the south, etc. Under world people are also known for spreading terrorism in Mumbai and other cities in India. Many a times during investigation,under world people are found connected with terrorists in blasts and other serious cases. Black veiled face is the only identity of a terrorist. They are devils in human form.

Terrorists work for money and no other means. Terrorist can be a man or a woman or a child. It has no face, no form and no identity, to be called human like us. They are trained with newly advanced technologies, guns, machineries, bombs, chemicals and biological weapons, etc. A terrorist can give birth to many terrorists. They have no fear, no tension and no feelings. Their mind is a mind of a destructor which is at first washed and then commanded to carry out anything inhuman in the world. Terrorists don't have any caste or religion or gender or age. Many youngsters are pushed in this work, of spreading terrorism. The basic reason behind such could be unemployement, corrupt political and judiciary systems and/or religious fights. Many corrupt swiss bank account holders finance them to carry out such deeds all over the world. The moment such corruption is stopped, terrorism would come under control to some extent. India is facing serious terrorist problem after independence.

Nobody can sleep peacefully due to the nightmare of bomb blasts. Some of the most horrible terrorist events which took place in India are Hijack of Indian Airlines in 1992, Mumbai Blasts in 1993, 2002, 2003, 2008 and now 2011, attack on Akshardham Temple, Parliament attack in 2001, Delhi High Court Blast 2011 and so on. Everything which is bad, comes to an end. I have a dream to see India as a peaceful and safe country free from any kind of terrorist activities. There will be no war, no agitation and no scream or cries. Only one thing which will exist is love.

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