Do you want to become a Master mind ?

Do you want to become a marvellous person in your family?

Do you want to achieve brillant suuccess in your chosen area of activity?

Do you want to know the secrets of those who succeeded?

Do yiu want to motivate yourself similarly/

Do you want to succeed? Are you really serios?

Theen,this book is meant for you.

     This boook will give you the inspiration, clear you illusions, remove the cob-webs of doubt and despair, gove you helpful and motivating hints, make you understand how to become a''Master Mind",achieve extraordinary succees, so that you yourself can become a Role Modeel for others and in turn ,motivate tenm to become ''Master Minds''.

     Yes !All this is possible. Prioceed ahead with confidence You might say that earlier you tried , failed in your attempts ,got discouraged and left it at that. Or, may be ,are still struggling and not able to achieve a position of eminence. Did you everseriously analyse asto

         Why you have not been able to achieve it so for ?

         This is an important question . This requires careful analysis. Honestily , did yiu give your best ?

         Usually, you would not fail, if you gave your undivided attention , planned carefully , prepared fully and implemened dailigentl.

         what was the level of your DESIRE?

         The answer is very simple .

         How intense and how strong and how serious? Be Honest .

        Usually, you were lacking the 'DESIRE?

        The answer is very simple.

        How intense and how strong and how serious? Be Honnest. Usually , you were lacking the 'Desire ;to the exteent necessary.

        where is the question of not having the desire?' you would question .

        sorry, you do have the 'Desire 'but not strong enough .It is lacking something in its intensity. 

        To put it in other words , You don't have the Burning desire or passion for it.

        You don't have what is called the killer instinct

        In short, you don't have the Fire inside to force you to acieve .

        It ' s like the fuel in a rocket .

        As you knwo , however sophisticated a rocket is, it can 't  work  unless there is fuel and that fuel is ignited.

       There are many fuel -bunkers with that fuel in this book, waitingfor you .

        Many people amde use of thisfuel inthe past.

Eg;  those who have made 400 runs in aday in cricket when it was felt that making even 300 is too high .

        those whohave broken the olmpic records in running ,which remained unchallnged for several years.

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