Sayal Bhoya was a twelve year old girl. She lived in a village. Sayal’s parents were farm laborers. They were very poor. So even at a tender age of twelve, Sayal had to work hard to earn her bread. She used to take other people’s cattle for grazing.

One day, Sayal and her friend Neeru were grazing goats. Suddenly Sayal heard Neeru’s screams. She rushed towards her. She was shocked to see that Neeru’s right leg was held by a huge python who was about to swallow her up. Without even a moments delay, Sayal tried to open the python’s mouth with her bare hands. She struggled hard. She was badly wounded but she did not give in. at last, she succeeded in rescuing her friend from the jaws of death.

For this marvelous feat of bravery, Sayal won th4e national award for gallantry. Each year brave boys and girls like Sayal are honored and rewarded by the president of indi9a on the republic day. Here is a story of yet another boy who won the national award for gallantry.

Chaman lal was twelve year old boy. He was a student of class VI. Once he was returning home from school with two friends. Suddenly a pack of wolves appeared near them and one of them attacked the boys. Chaman lal pushed his friends away and held on the beasts’ fore leg. The two fought for nearly one whole hour, till some boys arrived with lathi and killed the wolf. Rather thin looking chaman lal succeeded in saving himself and his friends by his undaunted courage.

Just independence, there were communal riots in many parts of our country. Much blood was shed. Many persons lost their lives. Property worth several crores of rupees was burnt. Bengal was the worst affected part of our country; under such circumstances a saintly person took a vow to put an end to this madness. Although he was lean and thin, he had tremendous courage. He visited the riot torn villages, towns and cities, risking his own life. People were amazed at his courage. At last, he succeeded in pacifying the people and established peace. What the police and the military could not do was done by the sheer courage of an unarmed old man. Do you know who that old man was? He was Gandhi. Lord mount batten, the then Viceroy of India, referred to him as the one-man army guarding the eastern region of the country.


Remember success comes to those who dare and act. Only the brave can enjoy life. The coward and the timid die many times before their death. So be brave. Face the challenge of life courageously.




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