Hyderabad Biriyani is a popular non-vegetarian variety of Biriyani (Rice food).

HITEC City stands for the Hyderabad Information Technology Engineering Consultancy City, a technology township in Hyderabad, India.

Hyderabad, the very name takes us into a strange world. A world full of pomp and glory, a world with the tinkle of bangles and glittering pearls, with a powerful smell of perfumes and flowers, that’s Hyderabad, a comparatively young city. People from far and wide have been fascinated by this city.

400 years, that’s fairly young. It was built by Sultan Quli Qutab Shah for his beloved Bhagmati. For this beautiful lady, he built the city and named it Bhagyangar. She was so charmed that she became a Muslim and called herself Hyder Mahal. Then onwards, the city came to be known as Hyderabad. The city of

Hyder was ruled by the Nizams.

There were ten Nizams in all. They were very rich. The ninth Nizam it is said never repeated a dress. His clothes filled a building of two stores. There many places of interest in Hyderabad. The Salar Jung Museum has a wonderful collection of things. The most famous object there is the marble `Veiled Rebecca.’ It is a statue carved so finely that we can see her fingers through the veil.

The Charminar is a wide gate in the middle of two busy roads; the Charminar was actually the tomb of a Muslim saint imam Husain. `Char’ as you know is four and Minar as a `pillar’. So it has four pillars.

It was made of wood and had magical powers. People believe that it can stop evil, for it bad kept off cholera at one time. For many years people were allowed to climb the pillars. From the top of these pillars one could see the whole of Hyderabad. There are many other places to see. The Tank Bund is a bridge which separates Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The Husain Sagar flows underneath. In there The Buddha statue is 17 meters tall and weighs 320 tonnes as described by a board at the installation site of Buddha statue.

As we go into the gullies of Hyderabad we see tiny shops. But these shops have the best of things- wonderful glass bangles, glittering bangles of stones and lac, bidri articles, Kalamkari hangings and beautiful silk clothes. People from far come to buy the famous pearls of Hyderabad.

The Golconda Fort at the other end stands like an old monument. It is the largest castle ruin in the world. This was the capital of the Qutab Shahi kings before Hyderabad was built and is more than 800 years old. Soldiers stood on the tall towers and guarded the city.

The diamond mines of Golconda are famous even today. The world’s famous diamond –the Kohinoor, the Hope diamond were mined here. The peaceful Birla temple stands in the middle of the city.

Hyderabad has had great musicians and poets. Poets sang Ghazals which remain in our hearts, even today. `Shayers’ as they are called the poets of Hyderabad continue to write and sing them. The Shervani clad men and the Burka clad women decorate the city, what we cannot miss is the smell of perfume through the Bazaars.



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