This Earth is fully cover with many manmade wonder that is also known for their beauty and architecture. The seven wonder is basically known for their charisma and beauty which attract peoples. The main fact about seven wonders is that they all build at different point of world and it shows some great sign of dream and abilities of many people.These seven wonders of the world are classified on the basis of Ancient,Medival and Modern period respectively.These seven wonders are actually a monument but known for their beauty and charm.These Seven wonders daze the people who are going to visit there.The seven wonders of the world according to Online poll of the people:-

(i)The Great wall of China:-This wall is generally made by nstone,bricks,compress earth,wood etc.This wall is build by Chinese empire to protect themselves from various nomadic and military group.This wall is not so long this wall is made so long strong by joining several small wall in the 7th century.This wall is built by the chineseemperor Qin shi Huang in the 220-206 B.C.This wall is made up of 6259.5 Km part of walls,359.7 Km of ditch and 2232.5 Km of natural wall of hills and rivers.


(ii)Jordan ancient city of petra:-It is the Capital city and build in 9 B.C.Petra is specially refer to stone in Arabic.It is actually famous for it rock cut shape and its water tool system.It has been dclared world’s heritage site since 1985.This site is used in many films like Arabian nights,passion in the desert,Mortal Kombat,Sindbad and the eye of tiger,And the famous Transformers:Revenge of the fallen.This is also used in many video games such as Spy hunter,Lego indiana jones etc.This site is now in danger of getting destroy of ancient structure.This is because of improper rainwater drainage system.


(iii)Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil:-Actually it is a statue of jesus christ in Rio de janeiro,Brazil.This statue was built in between 1921-1931.And it is made up of concrete and soapstone.This is the largest Art deco statue in the world.And if we talk about statue of jesus christ it is the 5 largest statue. Its size is 39m tall along with its sode and 30m in width.And if we talk about its weight then it weight is 635 tonnes and it is situated at the top of 700m in corcovado mountain in tijuca national park.The famous fact about this statue is that it built in France by Paul Landowski and then it bring to Brazil in number of pieces.


(iv)Machu Pichu:-This is situated 2430m above from sea level.It is located in Cusco city of Peru.It location is above the Urubamba valley in Peru which is almost 80 KM away from Cusco.And through which Urubomba river flow.This is made for Inca emperor named as Pachacuti.It become the world heritage site in the year 1983.An in the year 2007 it was voted to become the one of the new seven wonders of the world.Once it was closed in january 2010 due to heavy rain but it again opened in april 2010.


(v)Chichen itza Pyramid of Mexico:-This is built by Maya civilization and it look in different shape including Pyramid. This Chichen Itza is one of the most famous place of Mexico and every year approx 1.2 million people visited there.The land which comes under the monument, now purchased by the state of yucatan.In the year 2007 it become one of the new seven wonders of the world.

chichen itza

(vi)Colosseum of Rome:-It is elliptical in shape and it is the largest ever built by Roman empire.It is a real example of excellent architecture and engineering.This wonder is built under the guidance of Vespasian emperor in 72-80 AD.Your are amazed to know that it is used for playing dramas,hunting animals because of its largest seating capability of approx 50,000 spectators.


(vii)Taj mahal of Agra:-It was built by Emperor Shahjahan in the loving memory of her third wife Mumtaz Mahal.Thios monument is purely built by white marbel.It covers area upto 221 hectare of area including monument and forest area.It is a great example of Mughal architecture. In 1983 it is considered as a world heritage site.Its construction began in 1932 and completed in 1963.

taj mahal framed wm

As a whole if we see then we can say that this Earth is full of Beautiful monuments .Some of them are discussed because they are Seven wonders of the world. So if you want to see the actual beauty of this World ,then it is advised to must visit the Seven Wonders of the world.

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