Jhansi Lakhmibai Rani was a brave queen. She was a great lady fighter. She fought as a bold man against the British. She died in the battle as a great name lady in the history.

Rani Lakhmibai was born on 19th November, 1835. He mother died when she was very young. Her father taught her various shills, like sword-fighting, horse-riding and shooting.

She was married at a young age to the king of Jhansi. She had a son, but the child died soon after birth.

At that time, the British were ruling over parts of India. It was their custom to take over a kingdom if there was no male heir to look after it. They did not want a woman ruler. Since Lakshmibai’s only son had die, the British wanted to take over Jhansi after kin’s death.

But Lakhmibai did not want this to happen. She knew that her people would suffer if the British ruled over them. She wanted to protect her people. She refused to accept that just because she was a woman, she could not rule over her kingdom, and had to remain quietly in the palace.

Training – sword craft, horse riding, pistol shooting

She began to practice sword craft, shooting and horse riding. She studied the geography of her kingdom well. She wore a helmet and carried pistols. This was at a time when women rarely stepped out of the house, and many women followed the 1Purdoah’ system.

The Rani fought bravely against the British to protect her kingdom. She encouraged other women to do the same and formed an army of women soldiers. She died in 1858, fighting bravely against the British. She brought glory to the women of the world.

Even to day, when we think of brave and fearless women, we always think of Rani Lakhmibai of Jhansi.

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