The one who built Taj Mahal, today is sleeping in its lap. For the one whom Taj Mahal was built is also sleeping in its lap. Taj Mahal must be proudly happy after looking at unconditional love of these lovers. Their love cannot be defined. Ages have passed but even today glory of their love is preserved in it. World has been watching this glory with wonder. Taj Mahal is proudly considered to be one of the wonders of the world.

It is the graveyard of king Shahjahan and his wife Mumtaj. It is a memorial of purity of love and dedication. Humans always separate themselves in names of caste, creed, sex etc..... To such individuals Taj Mahal teaches that love is the supreme entity and nothing surpasses it. Love is the best creation of God and so is Taj Mahal. Two inseparable hearts are lying in its lap. Taj Mahal has been attacked multiple times and also has been tried to destroy and rob of its beauty, serenity and glory. Its jewelry, ornaments, pearls and precious stones had been taken away. It almost became naked. But they couldn't rob the glory which is hidden in it. Even the harshest attackers and looters couldn't take away the glory of these two hearts lying in it. They couldn't keep their eyes open in front of light lit by these two hearts. It is not a monument of worldly pleasures and richness, it's a building representing richness of love. In its foundation lies lonely king's two drops of tears and tries to console the heart of Taj Mahal every year by watering it every year with rainfall.

Taj Mahal is situated on the banks of river Yamuna. It can never forget the love Agra has given to it. Taj Mahal standing still on banks of river Yamuna always tries to recollect all the memories like a yogi does in his yoga. Yamuna too becomes sad by remembering the old glorious days of almighty Taj Mahal and is drying up. In its sadness it has turned into black color. Taj Mahal loves Yamuna by heart. They are old friends. Yamuna too is fond of Taj Mahal and shows it's love towards this monument.

It is said Taj Mahal is a perfect example of architecture. It's been constructed with white marble. Millions of rupees have been spent on its construction. Thousands of men got employed during its construction and filled their stomach. Mumtaj sleeping on her death bed, taking her last breath had wished this huge memorial to be constructed in her memory. That heavenly lady's wish couldn't be left unheard by Shahjahan. Thus, as per her wish Taj Mahal came into existence. But, this graveyard is not considered as disgraceful. To have a look at it thousands of visitors come here day and night. Foreigners from farther countries by traveling miles together come India to have a look at this almighty Taj Mahal. After having a look at it, they get mesmerized and feels their traveling so far was worth of it. All the visitors ought to bend their head with devotion in front of this memorial. Taj Mahal standing still gets a chance to read the feelings and expressions of its visitors. It smiles after it hears their thoughts about itself. To capture its image on the screen of cinema people come over here. They click its pictures. Painters tries to show never dying glory of Taj Mahal by their imagination with the help of their paints and brushes. Poets in their composition tries to make it ever living.

Even after all the love it gets from its visitors, it's heart cries out of pain. It's heart has become restless looking at uncultured human society. Today no building would allow themselves to become a memorial by letting others sleep in their laps by looking at such uncultured society. King and queen too by looking at the condition of their beloved India have become restless. If the same condition persists, under the pressure of sadness this huge memorial may collapse if not today, might be tomorrow. Taj Mahal wishes that we all should take a lesson from it and get united and work towards progress of our country.

Taj Mahal does not have a competition. Aga Khan Mahal in Agra has proved to be real friend of Taj Mahal in this age. In the lap of Aga Khan Mahal lies Kasturba, the goddess of duty. In the lap of Taj Mahal lies Mumtaj, the goddess of love. Hope mankind will adopt this message of love and duty and will work towards its prosperity.

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