Parvati TempleParvati temple, which is in Pune has been on my must visit list for a long time. Finally, last week I made it possible. The Parvati temple, which was built by the Peshwa dynasty, is a well-maintained hillock in Pune, India. You need to climb about 100 steps to reach the top. The Parvati temple is at the highest point in Pune, which attracts numerous visitors every day. Many are seeing doing the rounds as part of their exercise schedule. It has a Parvati temple, at the hill top from where you can view entire Pune East. Though the climb is steep, it was fun once we reached atop the terrace. Only problem is that the terrace was not barricaded and can be dangerous to climb up with small kids. This temple houses a museum in its premises and many small temples with various Hindu Gods and Goddesses – namely Devdeveshwar temple, Lord Kartikeya temple, Lord Vishnu and Lord Vitthal temple. 

The museum houses the remnants of Peshwa dynasty and is worth visiting. You have to shell out only a minimal amount in the name of entry fee to visit the museum.  Also, there is a small canteen in the premises offering few refreshments here and there. The Parvati temple can be visited anytime after 5.00 am and remains open till 8.00 pm. This has been one of the must visit places in Pune and if for nothing else go check this place out for it offers a beautiful view of part of Pune, which am sure will leave you mesmerized. 

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