The Amber Fort (Jaipur Rajasthan)




Amber Fort one of the great Historic Place India. The Amber Fort located on Delhi -Jaipur Highway ,just 11 kilometers form Jaipur. Amber Fort located up on the Arravali Hills surrounding Jaipur,sprawls along the Maotha Lake. The Amber Fort include a massive complex , courts and pillared.


Amber is the erstwhile capital of Jaipur State form 1727 and is just a 20 minutes drive from the city Jaipur(Rajasthan). Amber Fort was started by Raja Man Singh I in 1952 and it was completed by Mirza Raja Jai Singh and Sawai Jai Singh over a period of around two centuries. Amber fort is not only includes various places but it also includes houses the temple of Mata Kali which is also known as Mata Shilla Temple it is renowned for its glorious past, huge silver lions and silver doors.The family deity of Jaipur royal family. Each year in Navratras a massive fair is held here with thousands of devotees flocking the fort for worshipping including the royal family.



The Amber fort is a classic example of the fusion of Mughal and Hindu architecture. The Amber Fort looks stunning, all build with white marbles and red sandstone and to     add to its charm , Maotha Lake makes it foreground. The crystal mirror image of the fort, on the still water of the lake, seems to be a beautiful illusion. The outer image of the fort is not so good it is rough but the inner image is totally different form its outer image. The Marvelous decoration of the Amber Fort is influenced by both, the Hindu and Muslim manner. The minute mirror work adds to the grand appearance and royalty of the halls. The Amber Fort Includes the hall of Public Audience, Diwan-I-Aam is a pavilion with double row of columns. Ganesh Poll, another great feature of the fort, the Hall of victory, Jai Temple has a stunning ceiling comprised mirror work, the fort has numerous other halls and pavilions with their own specific attraction. Amber Fort is divided into four sections. Each is accessible via large staircases from a central location, or from a broad pathway leading to each of the sections. The pathways are currently used to transport tourists via an elephant ride. The main entrance of Amber Fort, Surajpol, leads to the Jaleb chowk, the main courtyard of the Fort where the staircase to the palace is located. In ancient times, Jaleb Chowk was the area where returning armies were paraded back home.


Amber Fort is the part of Jaipur and Its Royalty.The sprawling Amber Fort is a typical example of what the lives of our gallant Rajputs were like – militant, adventurous, temperamental and also self-indulgent.


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