Tamhini Gath is a place near Pune. Its is approximately 75 Kms. from Pune. The way to Tamhini Gath is via Chandani Chowk through Bhu Gaon. This Tamhini Gath further goes to Goa and Konkan side. The main thing about tamhini gath is its Natural Beauty. Tamhini Gaht is very beautiful fuul of nature and trees. The road is very narrow . Its very silent out there. You will also find TATA Power Plant in Tamhini Gath. People from long distance come to visit Tamhini gath. If one really wants to observr the beauty of this gath, then he should visit this gath in Monsson season. You will find many many Couples enjoyng over there. But there you can't get any food or any Garage if your vehicle breaks down. You have to help your self. Else its worth visiting Tamhini Gath.


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