Varanasi is the one of world's oldest living cities,is called the religious capital of India and also called as banaras or kashi.Varanasi is popularly called the city of shiva.It is the city of ghats,temples and the center of moksha.Its around the bank of the holy river ganga,many hindus and non- hindus comes from whole of the world at least once in a lifetime.Varanasi is a place for pilgrimage but also a center of learning.It is also a place of world's biggest universities the Banaras Hindu University,where many students are come from whole of the world for learning,literature,music,craft and art etc.Varanasi is also known for its banarsi silk saree,banarsi paan,ghats,temples etc.The Kashi Vishwanath Temple dedicated to lord Shiva.In 1776,the temple was built by Rani Ahalya Bai Holkar,the ruler of Indore.In 1835,Maharaja Ranjit Singh had plated in gold so it is also known as golden temple.There is 84 ghats are present namely Dasaswamedh ghat,Assi ghat,Harishchand ghat etc.Some of the famous temples mostly visited by the tourists are Sankatmochan temple dedicated to god hanuman,Tulsi Manas Mandir edicated to lord Rama,Durga Mandir dedicated to goddess Durga,Kaal Bhairav temple dedicated to lord Ganesh etc.It is also famous for the handicraft items,the delicate work on silk sarees,carpets,wooden are antique.In Varanasi there are some of the best tourists attaractions.In Varanasi Sarnath is situated which is the place where Buddha deliver his first sermon.The Ashok Chakra most prominent among which is the lion capital of Sarnath which has been dopted as the National Emblem of the Republic of India.The Ashok Chakra is a depiction of the Buddhist Dharmachakra represented with 24 spokes.Ganga arti is also famous here.It is a holy place visited by tourists in whole of the world.

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