When we talk about holy palces we will be coming across many places and many temples in that area i have visted SriKalahasti temple in Kalahasti which is  near to Tirupati in AndhraPradesh. This temple is very famous temple This temple is a Shiva shetram and this temple is very famous for its Rahu Ketu pooja.This pooja is only done in certain time that is in rahukalam time.Whenever we go this pooja is done only at that particular time .This temple is open all the Nithya Darshanam. When we enter into the temple we first find the Paatala Ganapti cave.This is also a milestone for this temple.It was a great expericence for me visiting this Paatala Ganapati as Ganapati is at underground.We need to bent and go inside and getdown the steps .The steps are also very small and high . Only ten members at a time can eneter into that cave.After visiting Paatala Ganapathi we can either proceed to Darshan or we can go to Rahu Ketu pooja it depends on our schedule. The ticket for that pooja varies different level of costs three hundered rupees five hundered rupees seven hundered and fifty rupees fifteen hundered rupees   After taking the ticket at the ticket counter itself they will be giving the pooja materials and no need to buy any material from outside they will supply at the counter itself. There will be seperate mandapas for pursing the pooja accoring to the range of the ticket.After proceeding to the respective mandapas we will be seated and the pooja will start at the rahukalam time.If we wnat to do rahu ketu pooja we need to go at rahukalam time .They do not pooja in any other times. The maids there will tell how to arrange the pooja items before starting of pooja and then priest will give us instructions and continue the pooja. This pooja takes around twenty to twenty five minutes.After completion of pooja take darshan of Shiva and Padamavati or if darshan is over visit other idiols and exit. This Kalahasti is a great experience to me and i hope god will be blessing everyone with good health, happiness  and wealth  

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