We can find solution to problems concerning religious differences-differences in faiths and conflicts of devotions. History reveals that although all major wars have been fought in defense of religion, yet we cannot overlook the fact that religion helps preserve the humanness and dignity of mankind. All religious teachings in the world enable a man to express himself fully in order to fulfill destiny.

Religion means to follow your true, original nature. Rocks, minerals, animals, plants, birds and all creatures below human level act always the way are supposed to act, according to the laws of nature. They are governed by `physical laws.’ But human beings never act according to these laws of nature. A human is supposed to follow humanity. And that is his Dharma or nature or religion if we may call it so.

Religion is a virtue where by we offer our acts of faith hope and love to the Almighty, whoever he may be ad by whatever name we may call him. It means showing publicly what one believes for the good of humanity. It is expressed by public prayer. It insufficient one does not live one’s prayer.  

Hence all those who for the betterment of humanity belong to one and the same universal religion though they may differ in their faiths. The one who is heartless, cruel and dishonest, and yet praying day and night is a hypocrite. Whatever faith he may believe in or may be proud of, he is certainly not following its principles, and abuses his own religion. No religion sanctions cruelty or heartlessness towards others.  

If this truth is understood by all mankind, there will be no wars in the name of religion. All religious prophets have said, `love thy neighbor.’ No prophet teaches to kill thy neighbor!’ if you understand this truth religious tolerance automatically follows. The day we learn to live this truth, we shall inevitably love all the human beings, and respect all religions. All this will pave the way to only one religion in the world, the religion of `humanity!’.

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