India is a religious country. Here, millions of gods and goddesses are worshiped. From Jammu to Kanyakumari and from Pune to Calcutta India has lots of religious places. Vaishno Devi Tirupati Shridi Amarnath Bodhgaya Hardwar Rishikesh etc are some of the popular religious places of India. Vaishno Devi is located in the hills of Jammu. Over here goddess Vaishno is worshiped. Pilgrims come from almost all over the world to worship the goddess Vaishno. They reach Vaishno Devi via Katra. From Katra, it is 5-6 hours away by foot. They have the option of availing the chopper service as well from Katra. The availability of restaurants, toilets, hotels, hospitals etc in between Katra and Vaishno Devi makes the entire journey a comfortable one for the kids and for the oldies. Bodhgaya is another religious place of India. People visit Bodhgaya to perform the after death ceremonies (Pind Daan) of their relatives. This place is located in Bihar and is 100 kms away from Patna. Pilgrims can reach there by air, by road or by rail. This place has lots of temples and has connections with Ramayana as well. Similar to Vaishno Devi is Sri Tirupati Balaji. It is located in the hills of south and is near to Bangalore. Over here Sri Balaji is worshiped. Pilgrims visit to worship Balaji from almost all over the world with their offerings. Most of the pilgrims offer gold at Sri Tirupati Balaji in the form of chatter, bracelets and other ornaments. Hardwar is also a popular religious place of northern India.  It has lots of Temples and Ashrams. People visit Hardwar mainly for the after death ceremonies of their relatives. It is famous for its Kumb Mela too. During the Mela saints from almost all over the world visit Hardwar for a holy dip in the river Ganga.

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