In a week, only on Saturday the Lord Lakshmi Narasimha swamy appears and receives the prayers in the temple at Lakshmi Narasimha swamy at malyadri. This temple was surrounded by high hills, green plants and wonderful climate. You should be wonder, how this temple has been constructed in between these hills and forests. This is the specialty of malyadi at prakasam district.

                Among famous Narasimha swamy temples, mala konda is one which is also known as malyadri lakshmi narasimha swamy temple which is located at prakasam district at valetivaripalem  mandal in mala konda grama at 413 acres forest. This place contains big stones, hills, caves, different fruit trees, flower trees, wild animals and ponds. The people who does not have  children and if they light the lamps which made of ghee and flour (Deepardhana) then by the grace of lord Lakshmi narasimha swamy blessing they will be blessed with children soon. Not only children, whatever they have the desire, all those will be fulfilled. The threerthas present on the malakonda hill are been believed as holiwater. People say that if you take bath with that holiwater then all your will sins will be removed from your fate.


The place where mala placed:

According to this sthalapurana, it is said that once srimaha Vishnu came to the earth for a trip. So to take rest he gave a mala (Garland made of flowers) to Garukmantha and said him to search a place for him to take rest. Garukmantha searches some places on the earth then he find mala konda is correct place. Then he placed a mala on the mala konda hill which was given by srimahavishnu. Then srimahavishnu with goddess Lakshmi has taken rest on malyadri . As the mala is placed on the hill. So it is given name as malyadri.

                In the next generation for the blessings of srihari, the saint Agusthya has done deep meditation then the lord srihari appeared in the form of jwala (lighting). Then Agusthya requested Lord srihari to stay forever in malakonda so the sins of the people on earth will go. Then the remaining Gods have decided that Srihari should spare time on Saturday in a week. Then srihari agreed for this and he changed to statue form. In 1657, the mukhamandapam and siva temple was built in this temple.



Those 6 days:

No one date to visit the temple in other days except Saturday. Devotees believe that in the remaining day’s gods and saints will visit and entertain srihari. The priests and temple staff of those temples reach the temple by Friday night. They open the temple on Saturday morning and they perform poojas and abhishekas. When sun sets then they close the temple and go. By the Sunday morning there will be no one at that place. But on Saturday there will be thousands of devotees visiting the temple. People who have tried to open the temple other than Saturday then they face a lot of problems it seems.

                Most of the ladies believe that if they type cradles to the tree named santhana vukha which is present near the temple then they will be blessed with kids by the grace of the tree and the god. The lady named sachdevi (the wife of lord Indra) has light the lamps which are made of ghee and flour (deeparadhana) . Then she is blessed with children. The devotees who have desire to construct own house they will place stones one on the other, they believe that their desire will be fulfilled. In this pilgrimage there are temples of lord siva and parvathi.



How to visit this temple:

You need to reach kandukuru by main railway station of Chennai, Vijayawada and get down at sigaraayakonda railway station, from there through bus or any other private transport. From kandukuru you need to travel in pamoru bus and reach mala konda. From Kondukuru every Saturday there will be busses to malakonda. From ongole 76 km. From kandukuru 35km far malakonda. There is a roadways and steps way to go to hill.


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