Great Goutam Buddha-buddha

Lumbini was the near Kapilavastu in Nepal, where the boy was born. His mother was Maya Devi, who died soon after the birth of her son. Therefore he was brought up by his step-mother Gonmati. Initially he was named Siddhartha.

He spent his childhood like a prince. He got his education as a prince would get. But the worldly pleasures did not attract him. He got into the habit of brooding and reflecting. He saw an old man, a dead body and a sick man. He was shocked. His servant told him that this all usual in the world. He came to know that the world is full of pain and misery. He wanted too know its secret. He was 29 years old when he felt his home. He spent 6 years in forests meeting various saints and seers but to no avail. Then he underwent great hardships by offering prayers and observing fasts. But his questions were not answered.

One day sitting under a peepal tree on the bed of straws, he suddenly felt that there was a divine light and his mind was enlightened. A new reality dawned on him and he realized that he was wandering for nothing; the real peace was dwelling in his own heart. Peace and happiness came to him at once. He began to be called the Buddha.

After getting enlightenment he went to Sarnath and delivered his first sermon. it is there that he got five disciples who were impressed by his sermons, then for 45 years he went from place to place to spread his religious views. All –high and low listened to him. Nobody remained unimpressed by his message. The rulers and the ruled alike began to follow him.

In fact it was no religion or sect the he preached. He talked of a new way of life, following which one could get `nirvana’. He rejected the authenticity of Vedas. He did not enter into the discussion pertaining to philosophical relationship between god and man. He did not answer certain questions because he believed that it was purposeless to do so. He preached that man should rid himself of his desires.

Mahatma Buddha never accepted social inequality. None was high or low in his eyes. To lead a pure life, one need not have been born in a high family. The doors of salvation were open to all people irrespective of their caste, color and creed. That is the reason why he was so popular.

The last sermon that he delivered to his disciples was like this:-

``o Bhikshus! Live life as enlightened begins. Follow your own light do not depend on others. Follow only Dharma submits only to Dharma’’.

He breathed his last the ripe age of 80 years at Kushinagra in Gorakhpur district India. This is called ``Maha Parinirwana’.

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