God is our inner controller. You can neither do anything nor certain any thought without his knowledge. He is the constant witness not only of each and every activity of yours ut even of every thought arising in your mind.

God is the ruler of the entire sphere as well guardian of the entire universe. He is watching every action. Always remember that god is a true well- wisher of yours. There is none else who is such a great and interested friend.

If you develop faith in the benevolence of God, You will be rid of all sin and suffering, all restlessness and agony and attain happiness. The God himself will take the whole responsibility of your well-being.

Faith means an important and ardent belief in the values, norms, traditions, religious sanctity and social customs. Shabri’s faith in Lord Rama, Pandavas faith in lord Krishna, Mira’s faith in Gopal, Prahlad’s faith in Narayana are the glaring examples of true faith in God. This sort of faith can be a source of strength and energy. Here is a story.

Once in a village there lived a farmer. His name was Veresh. He had a fruit orchard. After every harvest, as a rule each farmer had to offer best fruits to the king of the country. So, one day Veresh picked fresh ripe mangoes from his orchard and gathered them in a basket. Then he went to tell his wife that he was going to give the mangoes to the king.

Veresh’s wife said, ``Keep the mangoes for the children. Take some good grapes for the king instead.’’ Veresh did the same. He kept fresh grapes in the basket and went to offer them to the king.

Veresh reached the king’s court. He saw that the king was in a playful mood. When Veresh gave the basket of grapes to the king, he picked one grape and threw it at Veresh. Then he threw one at his nose, another at his chest and one hit his head.

Each time the king threw a grape at Veresh, he would say, ``God is merciful’’. The king kept hitting herpes at Veresh for a long time and Veresh kept repeating the same, at last the king asked Veresh for its reason.

Veresh replied, ``your Majesty, I am thanking god. He is merciful. Today I was bringing mangoes for you. But my wife said that I should take these grapes instead. If it had been those mangoes and if you had thrown them at me, I would really have been hurt. So, I say God is merciful.’’

Hearing this king realized that his act was hurting Veresh and God was protecting Veresh.

God is prepared to help you as your greatest friend who seeks no return from you. When faith in God develops in you, you will feel that god himself is shouldering the entire responsibility of your well- being.





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