Our india is the combination of so many culture  we are so lucky that we get the chance to born here and get knowledge about this countries.

Jabalpur is also one of the city of india situated in madhya pradesh (the heart of india).jabalpue has got its name on the basis of a MAHARISHI JABALPURAM.he has done hi tapasya here.

it is located in the mhakoshal region it is veru much famous for marble rocks dhundhaar.this is one of the most famous spot to visit.

it nearly 25km from jabalpur and a must visit place for all who are comning to jabalpur.

jabalpur is situated beside river NARMADA.

its DASHAHARA  is one of the most famous festival n all over india whis is celebrated very enthusiastically here.people participed to put idol of devi DURGA ji.

i will inform about my city more in recent coming days ......this is just a beginning,...

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