Indian monuments

Indian has many beautiful monuments

A monument is a building or thing that is of historical importance.

In the desert state of Rajasthan there is only one hill station: mount Abu. On this beautiful, green land stand the famous Dilwara temples. These temples are made of marble and are around a thousand years old but their beauty has not faded.

There is an interesting story about one of the temples.

While the main temples were being built, there were pieces of marble left over. The king asked the men to throw away these pieces.

The workmen decided to use the pieces which were left over and construct another temple with it. They would have to do this work in any free time that they had.

They cut short their time for rest and worked when they should have been relaxing. They carved the marble with care and love though they were not paid to do this work.

After a lot of hard work, they completed their temple and it was truly beautiful. Some people believe that this is the most beautiful template of them all.

The beautiful carved marble temples of Dilwara in Mount Abu are the finest examples of Jain temples in India. Monuments aren’t just buildings. Like the Dilwara temples, each monument has a story to tell. They are a reflection of the country and its people. They must be respected and protected. They were built with care and love. We must take care of them and not spoil their beauty.

Take pin our monuments and the spirit of our people

Leaning tower of Pisa is a marble bell –tower at Pisa, Italy. Even thought the tower has been leaning since it was under construction, it has stood for hundreds of years, despite the fact it looks as if it will fall ant minute.

The tower wad begun over 800 years ago, in 1174, and completed in 1350 in 1350. After the first of its eight stories were built, the ground slandered sinking, and the tower began to lean. It has continued leaning –a millimeter each year-and now leans from climbing its 300 winding steps to the bell tower to view Pisa and the surrounding countryside.




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