In the interior chambers of the palace, Prahallada the young prince was chanting ``Om Namaha Narayana!’’

``Don’t take Narayana’s name anymore. Your father has proclaimed himself God of this kingdom. He alone is to be worshipped,’’ said his grandmother.

``I have known only one God since the time I was born. Why, even while in my mother’s womb I have heard no other name being worshipped but his. How can I know forget all that and call my father God? Don’t worry, grandma,’’ said Prahallada. ``Lord Narayana will take care of everything.’’

The emotion of love is a divine gift to man. When it is controlled and given the proper direction, man attains the sum mum bonum of life. Cutting asunder all worldly bondages, he can cross the ocean of samsara and enjoy divine bless. Woridly love when directed towards and offered to God becomes devotion. A heart given to the world may break at any moment, such as at the loss of a beloved one. Love offered to God grows day by day, expanding our heart till it reaches his holy feet.

Sri Krishna says in the Bhagwat Gita; ``whoever offers me with devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water, I accept that, the pious offering of the pure in heart.

To develop love for god one must cultivate definite attitude towards him. It is called bhava in Sanskrit. There is a popular sloka.

One attains knowledge as well as vision of God by cultivating a proper longing for the. In Narada Bhakti sutras, Narada has mentioned eleven types of such moods. Not that there are only eleven types, but there are as many possibilities as there are human relation ships. Narada points out that even if they appear different; they are all manifestations of love which in itself is only one.

The gopis of brundavanam and mirabai practiced Mathura bhava; that is, they loved lord Krishna as their husband. Dhruva loved the lord as his father. The sages practice shanty bhava, the peaceful attitude by practicing regular meditation and japa.



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