Siddhartha saw only merriment all round. But as he was returning to the palace, he saw a funeral procession. The cheerful mood changed to despair.

Back in the royal gardens, Siddhartha deeply on human life, He seemed highly disturbed.

On his way he changed royal dress with the saffron robe of a Bhikshu. For years he wandered far and wide. Under a tree in Bodh Gaya, Siddhartha saw the light of truth. He became the Buddha the Enlightened one. He started preaching the principles of worldly renunciation.

Buddhism is the collection of the sayings and acts of Gautama Buddha, the unhappy prince who wanted to know the truth. His creed spread far and wide. When he died at Kushipur at a ripe age, he had become the prophet of a new faith, Buddhism.

Adversity or calamity is not true adversity. So prosperity or wealth is not real prosperity. Forgetting lord is the true calamity and constant memory of god is the real prosperity.

A heavily laden cart creaks as it moves along the road; in the same way the body groans under the burden of life as death approaches.

When the body grows weak through old age or illness, the soul loosens itself from the body as a banana loosens itself from its stalk; and thus it prepares to begin another life. This is secreting of life.

The soul gathers the powers of life to itself, and descends with them into the heart.

As life leaves the eye, and returns to its source with in the soul, the eye no longer sees.

As life leaves the nose, and returns to its source with in soul, the nose no longer smells. As life leaves the tongue, and returns to its source with in the soul, the tongue no longer tastes.

As life leaves the mouth, and returns to its source with in the soul, the mouth no longer speaks.

As life leaves the ear, and returns to its source with the soul, the ear no longer hears.

As life leaves the mind, and returns its source with in the soul, the mind no longer thinks. As life leaves the skin, and returns to its source with in the soul, the sense on touch is lost.

Death is sure to the man today or tomorrow. So no guaranty and no limit age to death. Death means soul dividing from the body.



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